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10 days late, being sick , neg tests?

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Babydust112 Sat 15-Nov-14 12:32:46

Heya ladies, im new to this site! Im 18 with a 10 month old son! Im currently late for my period by ten days, all of my tests so far have been negative, I last tested on wednesday it is now saturday! Im being sick after certain foods, never been this late EVER only with my first pregnancy! - this is so unusual for me, what do you girls advise I do? Do i keep testing and go to the doctors if I dont get a positive soon? By the way i wasnt hoping to be pregnant so i definatly know its not a phantom pregnancy or its all in my mind! Thank you girls x

MrsCK Sat 15-Nov-14 12:59:33

Take another test tomorrow with first morning urine. I'd say if you don't get a positive within another week then book a gp appointment

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