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Maternity clothes

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Sockstealer Sat 15-Nov-14 09:05:51

When did you start needing maternity clothes?

I'm only 11 weeks with my second but some of my stuff is getting too tight already.

I haven't put on any weight yet but I have a tiny bump and just seem to be much rounder around my whole tummy and hips. Boobs are huge too and have got maternity bras.

I'm thinking of getting a few maternity bits for comfort more than anything. Any recommendations of good places?

BilboTheAlmighty Sat 15-Nov-14 09:13:32

I reached 12 weeks at the beginning of summer so I mainly wore normal maxi dresses throughout the summer months. But I remember having to buy pregnancy jeans in Week 13 as trousers were getting really tight!

I love love love Jojo Maman Bébé but it is pricey so I only got a few pieces that I know will "last" (mainly a coat and a few nice nursing/pregnancy tops).

H&M has been a life saver for basics like long sleeved t-shirts, leggings etc. Oh, and Asda too (although the quality isn't as good as JJMB, it's still OK for the price). The advantage of Asda is that you can have it delivered for free in store and it can be returned the same way, whereas not everyone has a JJMB in their town.

Gennz Sat 15-Nov-14 09:15:57

I needed news bras at 6 weeks (went from 32d to 34dd) but stayed in them til about 33 weeks til I went into maternity bras. Was in maternity jeans at about 13 weeks but I probably could have held out longer. Apart from a few asos leggings I've mainly been in drapey style/larger size non maternity gear - so much maternity stuff is hideous and expensive!

Mrsgrumble Sat 15-Nov-14 09:18:29

I went into stretch trousers from eleven or twelve weeks

I bought new stuff this pregnancy for a bit of variety

I got nice stuff in asos, H&m. The time around I also sized up in normal clothes for the end if first trimester as will use them straight after baby too

amy83firsttimer Sat 15-Nov-14 09:18:42

Try for really cheap jersey stuff. I had 3 of their "formal" dresses, a t-shirt and a cardigan. Very comfy and very cheap.

Artandco Sat 15-Nov-14 09:20:25

Wrap maternity/ nursing dresses work well as last from small to full term, and then after if breasyfeeding

Mrsgrumble Sat 15-Nov-14 09:21:19

This was one of the tops I've got most wear out of (its flattering on)

redexpat Sat 15-Nov-14 13:43:40





New look (yes really!)

TimefIies Sat 15-Nov-14 20:28:22

I got most of mine from New Look - some really versatile clothes that have been great value for money. The best thing is they deliver free (an quickly) for orders over £45 and you can return free to any New Look stores, although only some of them stock maternity wear. So you can easily order e.g. 4-5 pairs of trousers and keep the best 2.

I bought a few H&M things in store, which I was happy with too - it was the only store near me where you could actually try on maternity wear (except for Topshop, which had oversize t shirts, rather than any fitted or maternity shaped tops, and maternity hotpants - I felt a bit over their target age group!)

Naomip88 Sat 15-Nov-14 22:35:02

I think it's worth buying stuff early so you feel comfortable and you get lots of wear out of them but beware by the end you won't ever want to see them again! I found h&m, asos and topshop really good. When I was around 12 weeks I grew a tiny bump and got a few things from primark like long vest tops and things to keep me going.

LizzyBennet1813 Sun 16-Nov-14 08:50:07

hello, sorry to gate crash but Im 11+3 and some trousers are getting a bit tight. if I buy a pair of mat trousers now will they last the whole pregnancy? sorry if its a dumb question but I'm new to this pregnancy lark!
just posted on here as its the same topic - I can move it if people would prefer. thanks in advance!

munchkin2902 Sun 16-Nov-14 09:04:09

I bought two pairs of maternity jeans from Next which I live in - elasticated waist but not over bump. I've been wearing them from about 16 weeks and still in them now at 38 weeks! I'm usually a size 12 in Next and have a bootcut pair in 12 which fit but went up to a 14 for the 'skinny' style. Work clothes were difficult - but got a lovely dress from JJMB which is also a nursing dress, and some black maternity trousers from Next again (which were a bit nasty but functional.) mothercare can do some nice bits - grey stretchy jersey dress did for nights out with boots and a nice necklace. I'm now mainly in pyjamas though (come on baby!!!)

Mrsgrumble Sun 16-Nov-14 09:06:19

lizzy they should last. Ere are little buttons on the inside of most so you can go tighter for now.

I preferred under bump for early pregancy and liked them after birth bit when really big (now) I prefer kangaroo style

FruitBadger Sun 16-Nov-14 09:06:35

Most things have lasted me the whole way through, I had to stop wearing my normal work trousers first at about 15/16 weeks and managed to stay in my "fat days" jeans until 18/19 weeks. The over bump trousers & jeans that I bought I'm still in now (due date is next week), I had one pair of under bump work trousers I had to stop wearing about 6-8 weeks ago because they cut in too much round my tummy but they were better at the beginning when over bump was too big, IYSWIM. I'm not too bothered though because they were from eBay!

I have been wearing dresses a lot more and all of those have seen me right the way through, I find I'm often more comfy in a dress.

If you're still slightly inbetween your normal clothes and maternity stuff, lots of people put a hairband through the top of their trousers for a while to get a bit more life out of them and/or use a bump band to cover up the fact they're not done up at all. I couldn't get along with that, my trousers just fell down! I did get some proper waist extenders from Mothercare though and they were brilliant for 4-8 weeks before I was big enough to keep maternity stuff up.

HazleNutt Sun 16-Nov-14 09:09:06

yes, normally the maternity trousers you buy at 12 weeks should last for the whole pregnancy - unless you put on loads of weight anywhere else but the bump. You might find under bump trousers more comfortable now, and might want to move to over pump later, but that's personal preference. And I got some wear our of the under bump ones a few weeks after having the baby as well, when the belly was still a bit wobbly.

LizzyBennet1813 Sun 16-Nov-14 12:16:07

thanks all, that's great smile

susiebennett Sun 16-Nov-14 17:01:03

Lordy, I'm jealous! I was in maternity jeans from week 8. I hate anything tight on my stomach (always have done) and the thought of squashing my baby meant I lept into maternity jeans!
I found some great jeans in the Next sale as I felt a bit daft buying so early - got one below the bump and two over the bump pairs. I lived in the below the bump pair and have just got myself another pair from Topshop (which are a nicer design than the next one, but I have to wear log tops as there is higher risk of Builders Bum in the topshop ones!) I think the over the bump pairs will come into their own towards the end tho.
For tops I have ended up buying jumpers in a few sizes larger as the bespoke maternity stuff was a bit pricey. I have gone for variety over quality to maintain my sanity levels so I feel a bit special as I've found it easy to feel lumpy!! I have a few jumpers in a size 14 from tesco and one from primark in a 16 (I'm normally a 10, but have massive bump!!). Do try bits on tho as some jumpers in bigger sizes don't work because of having too much arm space.
Oo, and raid the online sales! I found a few maxi dresses and tops on the Dorothy Perkins website that have been useful and good value.

Seasidedolly Sun 16-Nov-14 17:13:36

Topshop do a lovely thick pair of mat leggings- I've pretty much lived in them since 10 weeks with long tops/ loose fitting shirts. They were £20 and tempted to buy another pair so I can alternate when one pair are in the wash.

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