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Just been booked in for a csection on Monday!!

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Sheptonmum12 Fri 14-Nov-14 22:53:41

Visited midwife this week who was concerned about swelling and my blood pressure. Been up at the hospital and they want to do a c-section on Monday as baby is breech. I was expecting c section anyway cause I didn't think he was for shifting but now I know it's happening I'm terrified. So I have a few questions if anyone can help?!
- I'll be 38+1 , will baby be ok? He has measured quite big throughout so not expecting him to be small
- any essentials I should pack in my hospital bag?!
- how long did u stay in hospital?
- I've heard trapped wind is really bad what can I do to help it?

Basically ANY advice is appreciated as I'm now terrified !!!

pippinleaf Fri 14-Nov-14 23:02:22

I've not had a caesarean but lots of my friends have - and a few at 36 weeks and their babies were totally fine. 38 weeks is considered fully baked. Focus on the end point which is a lovely baby to hold in your arms. The procedure won't hurt you and it's not being done as an emergency so it won't feel rushed and distressing.

I have had a variety of procedures where they fill you with air that gets trapped afterwards and it is painful afterwards but nothing compared to the usual pains of being pregnant and they give you some arm stretches that ease it and it doesn't last longer than a few days.

Hey, this time next week it will all be a memory. Pick out a cute outfit for the baby to wear home and spend a bit of time visualising the moment they pass you your baby, you see your partners face as he holds the little one for the first time etc. hold on to those moments x

Radish9 Fri 14-Nov-14 23:02:35

Hi Shepton,
Baby will be fine! Anything above 37 weeks is classed as full term, so he's not early. There has been a fairly recent move to deliver elective Caesarians after 39 weeks where possible because if done earlier the babe has a small increased likelihood of having breathing issues, but even if he does its temporary and not particularly dangerous. Just look forward to meeting him!

Mothersruin75 Sat 15-Nov-14 00:01:28

I had a elcs at 37+2 (DTs) they were both nearly 7lbs and didn't need any extra help, just straight into the fish tanks that the hospitals have for cots.

I've been thinking of bits that I didn't know that I would have liked to have been aware of firstly they put the operating table that you lie on, on a slant, I felt as though I was going to roll off of course the slant was actually tiny but it was a weird sensation to start off. The worse bit of the whole procedure for me was the administering of the spinal but even that was fine I just tried to focus on the babies and that I'd be meeting them soon rather than what was happening behind me. Just don't let DP tell jokes as a way to relax you at this point as mine did, laughing as they were trying to access my spine was not helpful!

The op itself was good, they put the screen up which feels a little claustrophobic but with a midwife, anaesthetist and DH all at the head end I certainly didn't feel lonely. I had a pph but that was due to having twins, they did ask me if I wanted to hold the babies in theatre whilst I was being stitched up but as I was feeling a bit shaky from the blood loss I didn't but DH did which was lovely.

I don't know if the drugs they use in hospitals are different but the ones I had made my back incredibly itchy the first night, I thought it was the heat of the hospital and mentioned it the next day. The consultant explained that that was the way they'd designed the drugs to wear off rather than pain to have this itch, not sure which I'd prefer and I will be asking about this for my next one.

I stayed in for two nights, had no trapped wind, I'd taken peppermint tea bags in just in case. The first 24 hours were a bit rough but after that I started feeling much better in leaps and bounds, especially after managing a shower on day 2.

I'm just packing my bag and essentials are bottles of water (they never seem to give you enough in hospital), nightie, dressing gown & slippers, big big pants a couple of sizes too large that will cover your wound (I tried paper ones - don't do it!) and clothes that you can leave hospital in that don't rub the wound, I've got mat leggings and tunic tops also will wear dresses & mat tights for a time.

Please don't be terrified, I found my c section to be a much more positive experience than my natural birth, I'm looking forward to my next one that was due to be next week but due to theatre being shut has been rescheduled to the week after - grrrr! Sorry for the essay if you got this far!

SomeSunnySunday Sat 15-Nov-14 01:46:13

Good luck! My 38 week elective section baby was absolutely fine. I have had 2 c-sections (and am having my third next month) and have never been bothered by trapped wind. I did feel a bit sick during the op both times due to plummeting blood pressure - this is apparently normal but do tell them if you start to feel queasy, there are things they can do to counter it. Mothersruin's point about the disconcerting slanting operating table is a good one!

I had bad fluid retention after both of my sections but particularly after my elective, which is also apparently common - bear this in mind when packing going home clothes - no tightly fitting shoes / leggings! It was worse than it had ever been in pregnancy for me (it wore off in a few days).

I stayed for 2 nights after my ELCS.

smogsville Sat 15-Nov-14 07:17:38

What the others said but remember a dressing gown as you will have to walk down the corridor from ward to theatre naked save for one of those open at the back hospital gowns. Some flip flops are useful too.

Just got my date for section in April booked and feeling like I have a target date to aim for now.

TipseyTorvey Sat 15-Nov-14 07:29:52

Hi Shepton, got mine on Wed, two weeks earlier than expected so in the same boat and reading with interest!

Whenwillwe3meetagain Sat 15-Nov-14 07:46:47

I'm booked in for one on Friday at 40+1 so also following!
I've read I should take in apricots/dates to keep me regular. I'm also going to take arnica a cpl of days before Friday to help healing.
Ear plugs and eye mask too as I'll be on a ward for a cpl of nights.

smogsville Sat 15-Nov-14 07:56:54

Yes arnica drops from Boots I'd forgotten about those.

Leave apricots well alone and go with prunes.. Waitrose soft agen ones are actually quite nice.

This time round I will be taking extra precautions and eating only very easily digestible food (ie no meat) for a week beforehand. Lentils!

sandgrown Sat 15-Nov-14 07:57:38

You will be fine. I think anything with peppermint oil for the wind. I found the long recovery period the worst bit ( not being able to drive) but made sure we got out for a walk every day. And yes to big knickers and clothes that do not catch the wound. I was surprised how quick the operation was. The surgeon told me baby would be out in less than five minutes and he was! DP held him while they did the finishing off. Good Luck and try not to worry. X

TinyMonkey Sat 15-Nov-14 08:52:55

I'm booked in for one in a couple of weeks time. So far my bag contains:

Multi pack of big pants
Maternity pads
Peppermint oil capsules & tea bags
Arnica tabs
Toiletries (inc gentle shower gel no fragrance/lip balm/dry shampoo/face wipes)
Flip flops
Longish night dress (not pjs as may still have catheter in)
Pjs for next day (button down top for easy fb access)
Dressing gown
Soft high waist harem trews for leaving in
Various chargers
Supportive vest/soft bra
Earplugs/eye mask
Warm socks
Snacks (flapjacks/sports top water bottle)

Nappies/cream/wipes/clothes/blanket for the baby

babyblabber Sat 15-Nov-14 09:30:10

I didn't suffer from trapped wind at all, never heard that! Section is fine, very relaxed and I preffered it to my natural birth. I couldn't keep anything down the night after it but that was a rare reaction to the anaesthetic.

Bring giant knickers and those big green maternity pads, I used to tuck one into my knickers over the section wound, like a cushion between wound and clothes.

Booked for another section on 27th jan!

Sheptonmum12 Sat 15-Nov-14 13:34:23

Thankyou all for the advice !! I have gone and bought arnica tablets.... What are they for?!
Also when should I start taking them? Can't believe I'll have my baby on Monday- I had two weeks of busy plans and now I'm going to be a mum!

LouMum14 Sat 15-Nov-14 13:44:04

Arnica is for healing/bruising I believe. I found this thread the other day, recently revived and absolutely invaluable IMO. Good luck!

Whenwillwe3meetagain Tue 18-Nov-14 06:47:17

Hope all went well yesterdsy!

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