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Another painful piles thread-what to ask the GP

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Dorisdolalee Fri 14-Nov-14 07:57:30

That's it really.
This is baby no2. I had piles first time around but it was manageable with various creams. This time I have been ok up till 28 weeks and now it's all kicked off. Basically the pile that popped out after labour last time, that was huge, but that eventually went down, has come back with a vengeance. I also had a third degree tear which may or may not be affecting things.

I eat well and drink a lot Of water, I am mindful of pelvic floors etc, and I am not constipated but I do have a job that means I can't always sit down. If I can't get the pile to go down, I won't be able to work as it is agony. Today I am Feeling sorry for myself - any advice much appreciated.
I'd like to ask the GP for something but not sure what. My GP is hard work so I feel if I have some specific info I might be more likely to not just get prescribed lactulose ( this gives me horrific diareah) and prep h.

Thank you for listening!

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