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Any positive stories? large sack small baby.

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gingerbreadmam Thu 13-Nov-14 14:28:48


Does anybody have any positive stories? i had an early scan last week due to spotting and a light bleed. Baby measures 3.4mm and sack 4cm.

I think i could have been as little as 6 weeks pregnant at the scan, the size of the baby measures in with this however they think i could be 9 weeks and the size of the sac fits in with that.

I have a rescan next Thursday and am trying to stay positive even though they didn't seem it at the scan. Has this ever happened to anyone and they got good news at the rescan.

I know this sounds so silly and everyone in my situation has probably gone through the same turmoil and clutching at any straws but i have managed to half convince myself i have had a vanishing twin confused

i have posted a couple of times already and appreciate all the advice i have had so far just today i have spoken to epau again today and discovered the sack size etc.

foxyfemke Thu 13-Nov-14 15:56:23

Well, I had an early scan at 6 weeks and I could clearly see the sac and the embryo was literally a couple of pixels on the screen, too small to measure. The sac was a lot bigger than the embryo, but I wasn't told that was any cause for concern... I went back at 8 weeks and the embryo was about 2cm.

Now almost 18 weeks pregnant and everything's fine.

Hope this help...

gingerbreadmam Thu 13-Nov-14 16:11:07

aww foxy thank you. any tiny but of positiveness is just what i need to hear.

i know everyone thinks im totally on denial and i probably am i just think until anything happens i can still hope.

ive googled and googled and seen some happy endings just hope im one of them and good to hear others.

foxyfemke Thu 13-Nov-14 16:12:39

Step away from google smile

gingerbreadmam Thu 13-Nov-14 16:25:44

i know haha thats what epau told me today too just so hard when you're told we expect you will miscarry then nothimg happens.

Also, early scans can be so deceiving and i know thats why they bring you back in but 2 weeks is like a lifetime.

thank you though ill try ha grin

foxyfemke Thu 13-Nov-14 16:30:29

They actually told you they expect you to miscarry? Blimey...

I was told in advance to have no expectations with the 6 weeks scan (it was done to make sure it wasn't ectopic), so all I felt was relief to see even the tiniest of dots on that screen!

Keep an eye on things the coming weeks and at the next scan, if all is ok, you should be able to see the heartbeat.

I'm sending you sticky vibes.

gingerbreadmam Thu 13-Nov-14 17:09:52

Yeah, was difficult. was a consultant that scanned me and there was a sonographer / nurse in the room. The consultant said you may go away and miscarry or you may come back in two weeks and it might have grown. The other person then intervened and said didnt want to give any false hope to go home and get a two week sick note as likely to miscarry.

Booked rescan which she made it sound like would be to check everything had gone following a miscarraige but could go back and see it has grown.

Not helpful in first pregnancy really. The only advice got was if miscarry take paracetamol and expect a heavy period heres a number incase you need it.

Week on from scan and nothing. Obv im glad and hopeful but scared myself silly reading the mc boards on here as i wanted to be prepared. Least on plus side im prepared for worst.

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