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Please Help OB wants to induce

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JD84AZ Thu 13-Nov-14 10:17:44

Hello there I am a first time mom and I am currently pregnant 41 weeks and 4 days.
I was recently told my amnionic fluid is a little low my an ultrasound tech at my OB office. Last Thursday she measured my amnionic fluid level to be at a 5 being a little low. Then on Monday she measured me at a 2. Once my OB heard the new fluid level she went into panic mode pushing me to get induced. Well trusting my gut instinct I told her no I want a second opinion first at a different ultrasound place. So she scheduled me to a specialist who does only ultrasounds the next day. I went and had a much better experience with their ultrasound tech there. The new fluid measurement was at a 6.24 not a 2! I was very upset hearing how off the First Lady was about my fluid level.
I know it's not w huge difference and still considered low but I felt relieved as my husband did as well. Anyways I had to meet the dr. Who runs this specialist place for ultrasounds as he does the high risk pregnancies. He went over my results with me and stated well based on these results and the size of your baby being 9.4oz you will most likely need a c-section because you are also overweight and probably won't be able to deliver this baby vaginally!
I am thinking oh boy here we go. My OB wants to induce me and he is saying I need a c-section. Only reason I went to his practice was to get a second opinion to see if my fluid levels were as low as the original tech said.
Long story short I feel that being induced or having a c-section is both a higher risk for my baby and myself and don't beleive in it as I am about doing this birth naturally and feel he will come when he is ready! Plus how can you trust a computer that calculates stuff such as weight or fluid it could always be off.
My husband and I have put some extensive research into being induced and out weighing our options. Keep in mind my whole pregnancy has been healthy with no problems. This is the first thing I have heard bad about it. I honestly feel that they are trying to scare me so I will follow through with being induced etc.
I will not be induced unless they can physically prove to me my baby is in harm.
I don't know what to do come Monday if I still haven't dleievered when I meet with my OB to discuss all of this I am standing strong and won't agree to be induced. I want to go as long as it will take to let Mother Nature bring my son into this world when he is ready naturally.
My husband and I both know there are plenty of risks that can happen by going over 42 weeks still birth etc but we both feel that being induced or c-section outweigh are reasoning on why we chose to go this route.
I am not really sure what to do if my dr. Decides to drop me as a patient which could very well happen once I tell her I won't get induced.
Does anyone have advice on what to do if this case arises? Can I locate a midwife to help me continue the rest of my pregnancy?

cheesecakemom Thu 13-Nov-14 11:53:25

Really? What would medical professionals gain by trying to scare you so you can get induced?

They are only there to help you. I suppose if you do not want their assistance you could just stay at home and turn up when you are in labour - that's quite risky!

Have you thought about what you will do when you hit 42 weeks? Maybe have them induce you when at 42 weeks if baby hasn't arrived.

I personally wouldn't be going against their advice - I would rather give birth to a healthy baby than regret for the rest of my life.

AuntieStella Thu 13-Nov-14 11:58:46

Could you confirm what country you are in? (Your description of care so far doesn't sound quite like NHS, though I may have read it all wrong).

cheesecakemom Thu 13-Nov-14 12:02:36

I assumed you are under consultant led care. Unless you are private and not on the NHS? If you are in the US why not just find another OB or a private midwife?

JD84AZ Thu 13-Nov-14 14:23:16

I am in the US Arizona.

babyblabber Thu 13-Nov-14 15:55:41

Sorry are you saying the risks of induction or c-section outweigh the risk of stillbirth?!

Personally I tend to do a lot of research myself but I trust my doctor to act in my best interests and that of my babies. I've had both an induction and section (diff babies) and can tell you while neither were ideal I didn't give a flying f*ck how I'd given birth once I had my babies safely in my arms.

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