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Tsh in pg. dose increase 4wk then test 5 days later result 2.5

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naty1 Tue 11-Nov-14 21:00:15

Just wondering if 2.5 is a bit high still. As i increased from 25/50alt dose to 50/75 at 4 wks and the test is only 5 days later. (Tsh may have been high before test due to ivf)
Would the tsh still be on its way down at 5 days or is it likely to rise further due to pg?
I know they say 4wks for full effect but assume it really works a bit faster.
Just worried it will have soared by next test at 8wks

Pandapickle100 Tue 11-Nov-14 22:55:37

TSH should ideally be below 2 in pregnancy, but I think you need to wait the full time before testing again as 5 days not long enough.... My TSH went up in the 1st trimester to 15 (!) and baby is fine... My dose was increased from 150/100 on alternate days to 150 per day.... I'm 32 weeks and no further increases but lots of blood tests! It,ll be fine, try not to worry. Oh, don't forget to take prenatal vits at different times to Thyroxine tabs as iron prevents absorption of meds!

HazleNutt Wed 12-Nov-14 08:53:53

Test 5 days later would not show the results of the increase yet, it's likely on the way down, as your dose was increased quite a bit.

naty1 Wed 12-Nov-14 11:31:53

Thanks for the replies.
panda was the 15 after no increases in dose? Or had it crept up despite an increase?
So it went down with just the 1 increase before the next test? Was that about 4 wks later?
Hopefully it is going down.
It does have a habit of rising quite soon after dose changes.
I think it could have been quite high before the increase as ivf can push tsh up.

DinoSnores Wed 12-Nov-14 15:20:29

A TSH of 2.5 is fine, just on the border of what we want it to be. There really is no point testing it more frequently than every 6-8 weeks (4 weeks is really on the outside edge of usefulness). Given that you've increased your dose very appropriately, I'd very much imagine that your TSH will be down further when you next have it tested.

Pandapickle100 Wed 12-Nov-14 16:13:32

Naty - my TSH went up to 15 before my meds dosage was increased (and it was 1.5 before I fell pregnant) Back down to 0.75 at blood test 5 weeks later. Not ideal, but it reduced quickly and was in correct range by about 10 weeks pregnant... I found out at 3 wks that i was pregnant so went for initial blood test very early on. It's hard but don't worry, you are doing what you can to get it into the correct range!

Peaceloveandbiscuits Wed 12-Nov-14 18:24:09

Mine was increased in second trimester as it had risen to about 3.5, having been 2 in first trimester. Third trimester now and it's 0.9 (!) on 175mcg smile just imagine the energy I'd have if I wasn't so heavily pregnant, haha!

naty1 Wed 12-Nov-14 18:51:27

I think im just extra anxious because of the ivf. (Has left me not fully trusting drs especially gps who were useless with infertility)
Bizarre that you dont just get referred to a consultant apparently that cant happen till after booking in. So missing the important first 12weeks.
Im going to push to get my t4 tested at next test as have been reading my metformin can reduce tsh, but possibly without increasing t4.
That could be quite an issue as i will stop taking it after early scan 7/8weeks. Guess it may be easier to just ask to stay on it until out of 1st trimester.
Panda yes i agree its handy to know and go to gp or i crease dose straight away(i tested 2 days before the official test day due to worrying about tsh levels rising and increased dose that day.

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