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help petrified this is ending badly

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aimsi Tue 11-Nov-14 16:36:49

Hi, I need of either some experienced guidance or reassurance or a little common sense....I go into my 9th week of pregnancy after a grooming ivf cycle & having 2 miscarriages previously. ...With zero support from Dr's/hospitals. The clinic confirmed by blood test I was pregnant ....since this I've done 4 preg tests ...I know silly but it's put my mind at rest on weak days...I had awful nausea& exhausted. ..this morning I woke & didn't feel right I tested the same type of test as the others but this time the line was faint I've had a dull low tummy ache different to the cramps I've experienced up until now. My scan last week was fine ... 1st midwife appointment next week...I called my Dr he said he can't send me to epc unless I bleed. I know all pregnancies are previous to us all, this really is torturous. Utterly devastated me both other time & as positive as I'm try to be I'm running out of reasonable explanations....Help this us exhausting x

TinyMonkey Tue 11-Nov-14 17:08:50

Sorry that you're feeling so stressed, you need to stop testing though - Google 'hook effect'. Home tests stop being effective after a certain point.

Even if your pregnancy wasn't working, and there is nothing to suggest that is the case, I'm pretty sure that at nine weeks it would take a while for a test to show negative again, the hormones don't just disappear instantly. It took almost four weeks after a mmc at eight weeks for a test to show negative for me personally.

Also, you may be able to self refer to an alternative epu. If you're in London you can walk in to UCLH, although there is usually a bit of a wait, so worth going first thing.

Good luck.

Littlefrenchmummy Tue 11-Nov-14 17:16:31


Im so sorry you are feeling this way. Those first few weeks are so stressful and I really feel for you. Although I didn't go through the whole IVF trauma I had 3 miscarriages before I had my baby and those first 12 weeks were a nightmare. I was constantly checking if I was bleeding, symptom analysing,etc.

Do you have a partner?

Wh dont you treat yourself to something you really like tonight? Have your favourite take away and watch a comedy?

Also stop testing, you're 9 weeks pregnant no need to test anymore. The colour of the line doesn't mean anything. I had a test left so as a joke I did it when I was 39 weeks pg (I was so bored) and it wasn't that strong !!! Dont read into those things.

Keep in mind your scan and that all was fine.
When your pregnant you feel all sorts of weird things in your body, all sorts of different cramps, there is nothing you can do. Try and embrace them and think positive. Think its just your baby growing.

Each time you have a negative thought, push it away with a positive one. Right now thats all you can do. Stressing won't help. I know how you feel its horrible just think you are at the worst stage of your pregnancy, but one day at a time it will get better and easier xx

Smileysar1 Tue 11-Nov-14 17:23:23

Where are you?? In birmingham you can just walk into the local Epu there's often a wait but they don't turn you away without a full assessment first. Go along to yours to put your mind at rest. Good luck thanks

tiggy2610 Tue 11-Nov-14 17:39:38

I'm currently 27 weeks with our little IVF man so I can sympathise with the paranoia. I agree with the others though, definitely stop testing for your own sanity, the hook effect will render most tests useless after a certain point.

It might not help but I had no symptoms what so ever, I almost refused to acknowledge the pregnancy existed as I was sure everything was doomed. At 10 weeks I caved on and called the midwife to ask if it was normal that I felt normal - she was very lovely and arranged for us to go to the EPU for a reassurance scan. While we were their I kept apologising to the midwife and she said they would much rather do a quick 5 min scan than have a mum to be worried sick at home (she also mentioned they say some woman weekly...)

I was also told my EPU that symptoms often drop off around the 10 week mark as the placenta starts developing, so if may be this. smile

pippinleaf Tue 11-Nov-14 18:13:19

Preg test lines do get fainter. I ready hat if you dilute your wee with water then the test result will show strong again as it's not overwhelmed with the hormone. I tried this and found it to be true - the more dilute it was the stronger the line. Try that?

aimsi Tue 11-Nov-14 18:23:42

Thank you all so much. It's good to know it's normal to be a bit all over every feeling & that I can walk into epu without referral. I feel better hearing your experiences thank you. For tonight I think a bath & try & switch of a little see how the morning goes. My partner doesn't live with me although is being very supportive& patient. I feel a lot less like I'm loosing the plot, thank you xx (no more tests either.....They will absolutely drive me nutts)

lozzy1982 Tue 11-Nov-14 18:47:25

I had a mmc in feb and 2 weeks after a d and c was still testing positive on the hpt so testing is NOT a full proof way at your stage to check for pregnancy or not. If i had a mc u would have bled already, even a mmc u would still show positive, so really no point testing now at all. You are pregnant. Until confirmed otherwise trust your body. It is so hard and that first 12 weeks is the slowest, hardest time ever. What got me through 2nd time round after mmc is this; there is absolutely nothing i can do about it. It is totally out of my hands. Running to the hospital, epu, panicking, testing, will do absolutely nothing to stop a mc if its gonna happen. So rest, look after yourself, try not to worry, and as tiring, emotionally and physically as it all is, what will be will be. Life has a plan for u. I am hopefully it will be a very happy outcome for u. Good luck xx

LIG1979 Wed 12-Nov-14 06:48:26

You poor thing- it is quite normal to feel this way. The other option is a private scan. Costs money but there are no questions asked or wait. After a mmc and v.early mc I have spent too much money on private scans when I get panicked it has gone wrong. I am in the south east and it is normally £100 per scan but you can get offers.

It is horrible being pregnant after mcs. Isn't it?

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