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40 weeks today high blood pressure help!!!!!!

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mrscelik Tue 11-Nov-14 15:17:04

Hey I hope some one can advise me .....
Basically since last Friday my blood pressure has risen it was always sitting at 102/70 .... but Friday it was 140/84 today I went to get my blood pressure checked again today (not by my usual midwife today) and bp was 145/86 so as u can see its rising they stated its not worryingly high .. but I can't help worrying
Also since my appointment this morning I have had a really bad head ache !!!!
I have no protein in my urine and bloods normal so I am really not sure what's going on this is my 1st pregnancy aswell hope someone can help

crazykat Tue 11-Nov-14 16:12:35

Did you have the headache before your blood pressure was taken? Headaches can raise blood pressure, my normal blood pressure is 100/60 but when I had it taken in pregnancy and had a headache it could be as high as 140/100 which isn't high compared to the average but was quite high for me.

You can always ask for a second opinion or see if its possible to speak to your GP, or phone your midwife and tell her you're concerned.

mrscelik Wed 12-Nov-14 00:38:32

I didn't have a headache before my bp was taken it wasn't until a few hours later I still have it slightly but not as bad as it was this afternoon

upduffedsecret Wed 12-Nov-14 14:21:59

I have naturally high bp so am closely monitored. If I go over 150/90 they have to see me (and change my medication).

there is natural variation anyway, honestly there isn't really much difference between 140/84 and 145/86, it can vary that much within a few minutes.

Combined with the headache, though, I'd phone the GP or Midwife (or consultant if you are under consultant-led care). just in case.

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