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Feeling ratty

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Fishcotheque Tue 11-Nov-14 14:49:23

Have NC as I need to rant.

I'm 20w and I'm feeling so intolerant and bad tempered. Am I alone?

In particular MIL is winding me up by fussing, having to know every last detail about everything to do with the pregnancy and always feeling she has to check up on me.
She's an anxious person so is very "oh my God" and even her texts seem breathless.

I just want to be left alone. I hate fussers. She is a really nice person but I just can't tolerate it. I can barely tolerate anyone!

I feel so guilty just writing this as she wouldn't harm a fly but why do women (MILs) who have had kids themselves seem to completely forget what it's like to be pregnant?! The last thing us pregnant ladies want is someone acting like a bloody whirlwind.

Anybody else feeling ratty too?

kulashaker Tue 11-Nov-14 16:57:07

I am feeling irritable too! i am 21 weeks and lack of sleep is getting to me now more than anything...

Although i have opposite problem with MIL, she is not remotely interested in the pregnancy. this is her first grandchild, and she never asks how things are, to see scan pictures etc. She occasionally asks in passing, but more of a polite passing if anything, then straight back to talking about herself and what she is doing!

i am sure if she kept getting involved that would annoy me as well, so guess she cant win whatever happens!

I do sympathise with the ratty feeling though. i get so fed up of being tired all the time, and people giving me advice that i havent asked for! i know people mean well, but i have bitten my lip so many times lately!

montymonty Tue 11-Nov-14 17:28:39

I'm with you, I'm feeling extremely impatient and intolerant of people.

Can't sleep, have piles, heartburn, nausea, back problems, and sick of people saying you're pregnant, not ill. Sick of unwanted advice too - someone at work went on and on about bf to me, like I hadn't considered the pros and cons and thought about the well being of my own child. And he said I was obviously having a girl because of 'the way you're carrying'... Apparently he's an expert now.

And it's gone from 'oh you're enormous' to 'oh you're so small' aargh go away everyone.

Oh that was an enjoyable rant!

Fishcotheque Tue 11-Nov-14 18:11:25

Glad I'm not alone.

I keep waking up in the night so I think it's lack of sleep too kukashaker. I'm sorry your MIL isn't interested. That's sad. At least mine is (just a bit ott at the moment).

monty I have had a man tell me all about breastfeeding and apparently I won't be able to do it because his wife couldn't. And don't get me started on "you're pregnant not ill". I think you could say In reply: "you're fat not pregnant". grin

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