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refurbishing furniture whilst pregnant

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Naomip88 Mon 10-Nov-14 22:08:57

I'm 29 weeks pregnant and I've been on a bargain hunting mission and managed to get a changing table and a chest of drawers for the nursery. They're both 1960s /1970s and I wanted to sand them down and paint them (or maybe just use a bit of danish oil on them) . If I use fancy less chemically paint like farrow and ball would that be ok to do while I'm pregnant?

whitechocolatestars Mon 10-Nov-14 22:18:59

We just had decorators in and I'm 24 weeks. We used Little Greene paints as decorator said they are good quality with low voc, they also helpfully had the right colour! Keep any work area well ventilated or preferably outside. The existing paint you're sanding down may also release chemicals so be aware.

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