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Bleeding at nearly 12 weeks

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BarryGoosey Mon 10-Nov-14 12:44:22

Hello all. I'll be 12 weeks with DC2 on Wednesday and have my first scan on Friday.

On Saturday, I noticed blood when I wiped. I'm still getting it and it seems to have increased a bit in volume but is still only there when I wipe (none in the toilet bowl). I've not had any cramps at all but my morning sickness seems to have abated over the last few days as well, which I'm worried is a bad sign.

Did anyone have any similar experiences? I don't know whether or not to go to the doctor as I know there's nothing that can be done at this point anyway, especially as I have my scan booked for Friday, but I'm really worried.

TIA thanks

SeptemberBabies Mon 10-Nov-14 12:52:05

There isn't anything that the doctor can or will do really. There is the possibility of two blood tests two days apart to check your pregnancy hormone levels (which could indicate an impending miscarriage). But given that you have a scan booked for Friday, it might not be worth it since it would not change the outcome anyway.

There will be positive stories of "nothing to worry about" outcomes in your situation. But be ready and prepared in yourself that it could go either way. I started with just brown blood when wiping which continues like that from 10 to 12 weeks. I tried to ignore it and my disappearing pregnancy symptoms. But when I sat waiting to go into my 12 week scan, I felt that feeling of dread. My instincts was right, baby had stopped growing several weeks earlier and their was no heartbeat.

But remember: Bleeding in pregnancy is sometimes normal and no indication of a problem.

justbeaunicorn Mon 10-Nov-14 15:21:09

I'm currently 14w4d and I've bled from 7w and baby is doing great...mine goes from from red to brown and they can't see where it could be coming from but it's not coming from the uterus, they say it could be my hormones. I would go to the doctors, they might send you for an early scan. And it will put your mind at ease

bonzo77 Mon 10-Nov-14 15:29:42

I had almost identical experience to September.

StarsInTheNightSky Mon 10-Nov-14 17:24:21

I've had this happen to me twice (at 14 weeks), the first time there wasn't actually much blood but I had the feeling of dread and I just knew that something wasn't right, sadly we lost our son. The second time I had identical symptoms but I just couldn't believe that anything was wrong, I felt absolutely confident that baby was perfectly OK (I was surprised that I felt so calm as in between these two pregnancies I'd miscarried time and time again) our baby was absolutely fine, I bled a lot more throughout the pregnancy (including a couple which would have put horror film effects to shame) but DS is now an incredible healthy and huge 6 month old.

Morning sickness tends to start fading around 12 weeks anyway (I think, I had HG) so I wouldn't be too worried about that in itself. Can you phone your early pregnancy unit and see if they will scan? Friday is an age to wait in such circumstances. I had to be pretty firm to get them to scan as they said that it didn't fit in with their policy of when to scan but with a lot of insistence/ demanding to speak to someone senior they eventually agreed.

Hang in there, loads of people have bleeding and have happy outcomes flowers

SomeSunnySunday Mon 10-Nov-14 17:32:36

Ask for your scan to be moved forward. In this pregnancy (now 34 weeks) I bled for a week (brown blood on wiping) between 12-13 weeks. All is fine, and no cause was ever found. I have also had miscarriages though, where the bleeding has not been such a good sign. You need some peace of mind. Good luck.

BarryGoosey Mon 10-Nov-14 21:27:37

Thanks all for your responses. And so sorry to those who suffered losses. I don't feel in my gut that anything is wrong but when I see the blood I can't help but worry.

I think I will call the doctors tomorrow. Thank you all for taking the time to respond thanks

BarryGoosey Wed 12-Nov-14 17:47:09

I had a scan today and unfortunately it wasn't good news. Our little one didn't make it further than the 6 week mark. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question thanks

Mslad Wed 12-Nov-14 18:02:30

Berry, I've only seen this thread now. I'm so sorry for your loss. Take good care of yourself. xx

bonzo77 Wed 12-Nov-14 18:06:53

Oh jeez. So sorry. It's so rotten.

September60b Wed 12-Nov-14 18:07:13

So sorry to hear that Barry x

LakeOfDreams Wed 12-Nov-14 18:10:29

I'm so sorry for your lossthanks look after yourselves

tiggy2610 Wed 12-Nov-14 18:11:46

So sorry Barry thanks

Jodie1982 Wed 12-Nov-14 18:37:17

Omg sad
That's so sad. I hope the next few days r easy on you n your partner. All my sympathies Jo x

SleepyMcgee Wed 12-Nov-14 20:23:53

Oh no I'm so sorry, such sad news sad

guinnessgirl Wed 12-Nov-14 21:57:26

so sorry for your loss Barry. sad thanks

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