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SPD pain post birth-advice please

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JWdnjhe2014 Mon 10-Nov-14 11:15:50

Just looking for some hopeful stories? My little girl is five weeks tomorrow and I'm suffering post birth with spd/pgp. Hobbling around the house but have a serious waddle and lots of lower back pain, and generally unable to move like I used to without pain but nothing compared to the agony I was in five weeks ago. Unable to go out without being on crutches, and have only been outside twice since she's been born.

My mum has been helping out since she has been born, as I have three other children to look after as well as trying to run the house. Both she and my husband were really great at first but now the understanding seems to be wearing off a little. I'm such an independent person usually, and I feel so awful that I have to rely on them so heavily, it must be difficult for them too and if I could will myself better I certainly would! I'm struggling both physically and emotionally and I'm really worried that I'm heading towards depression.
I suppose I'm just looking for some happy endings- how long before others felt 'normal' after suffering with spd. Did physio help at all? ( I have an appointment Friday) and should I ask them anything specific? Thanks in advance ��

BeginnerSAHM Mon 10-Nov-14 13:29:01

Oh poor you! I don't have post-birth experience of SPD but have it badly now (nearly 33 weeks). Didn't have it at all with pregnancies 1 and 2. (Well, maybe mildly at the end but it wasn't a real problem.)

Have you looked at the 'Pelvic Partnership' website? It's a charity but is on top of all the latest thinking on SPD/PGP and has advice about treatment. Manual manipulation seems to be key - if you have a good physio who knows about it, they should do that. My physio didn't... But I'm going to osteopathy too. It's quite severe and I have crutches (and have just been signed off work - which is embarrassing as I'm sure they'll think I'm malingering!) so I really hope it improves after birth. But definitely rest as much as you can, do some gentle exercises daily (google ones for SPD!) and wear a 'serola' SI belt, or something similar, when you so need to walk. (Not when sitting or lying.)

Good luck... Really hope you feel better soon.

babyblabber Mon 10-Nov-14 16:54:38

I didn't have spd but developed "severe pubic joint pain akin to spd" when DS was about 5 days old. I couldn't walk upright or without holding on to the wall.

Do you have a serola belt? It literally saved my sanity and made moving so much easier. I was never as bad as needing crutches though. I think I wore the belt constantly for about 2/3 months and then if I was going for a walk/being very active for another few months.

The Physio recommended Pilates which I took up as soon as I could and kept it up and apart from the odd twinge I had no problems when I had DD 2 years later and same so far on this pregnancy (I wear the belt preventatively during pregnancy if I'm going to be on my feet a lot).

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