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Carbon monoxide risks in pregnancy

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Tangomum21 Mon 10-Nov-14 08:29:35

Hi All,

My neighbour recently had his chimney swept and is now lighting up an open fire regularly, initially I noticed that the air was a bit heavier if my windows were shut. However the last two times, my living room has become very smoky and the air thick, it was impossible for me to stay in the living room, I had to open up all the windows and hide in my bedroom.

I bought a CO detector this weekend and when he lights the fire, the detected level goes up significantly. I will talk with my neighbour but if he's not willing to stop using the fireplace, what options do I have?

I'm now very worried about the impact on baby, I'm 26 weeks pregnant. At what level does it become dangerous? What about after he is born?

I googled this issue and someone said they got environmental health involved but 8 weeks on there was still no progress.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem?


tomanyanimals Mon 10-Nov-14 10:00:23

You need to contact the council explain you are pregnant and your co detector is going off when he lights the fire please can they tell you what steps to follow as it is obviously very dangerous it sounds like there is a leak somewhere in the chimney and it needs a liner a lot of people won't do it as it costs alot of money

Tangomum21 Mon 10-Nov-14 10:09:08

Thanks vm for your reply!
The alarm hasn't gone off yet, it goes off after 8 hours of 35ppm emission, however I did test it before and after he started the fire and to went from 10 to 24..
But thanks for letting me know re the council, I'll see what they say.

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