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Cystitis or not?

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Dolly87 Sun 09-Nov-14 22:31:16

Hi there

I know there have been lots of threads on cystitis but wondered if anyone has experienced what I'm going through just now. I'm 16 weeks and literally since the start of the pregnancy I have felt like I'm going to get cystitis off and on but has never really come to anything. I handed in a urine sample early on and had antibiotics but the sample came back clear. I don't seem to have a burning pain just a feeling of irritation as if I'm about to get an attack. I've been trying to drink more fluids but it doesn't seem to help. Has anyone else had this feeling before? I'm not sure if it's the way baby is lying or what but it's just really starting to annoy me. Have midwife app on Tuesday so will speak to her about it then but when there isn't actually an infection im not sure what can be done sad xx

Dolly87 Mon 10-Nov-14 09:54:15

Anyone? X

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