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Braxton hicks!

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ImBrian Sun 09-Nov-14 07:53:01

I'm 37 and a bit weeks and they're really starting to wind me up now. I've had them since 16 weeks but just a couple a day. Last couple of weeks I've had the odd run of mild ones on a night.

Yesterday I had 7 hours of them 5 minutes apart, with my whole bump going rock hard. Stopped at tea time for a couple of hours and then started getting period type cramps. Thought this was it! Turned into painful contractions till I finally fell asleep and they stopped confused

This is my 5th baby, you would think my body would have a clue by now!

Thelovecats Sun 09-Nov-14 08:23:44

Sounds like false labour pains- apparently they get worse the more kids you have. I know that's not helpful sorry! Good luck with the imminent new arrival smile

Hi op I had that with dc5 it is annoying and I was so glad when the pains decided they were the real thing.

My midwife said it's called an irritable uterus and more common with the more you have.

ImBrian Sun 09-Nov-14 14:58:01

My uterus is very irritable just like the rest of me! Work will be fun tomorrow. On the plus side had a bit of a bloody show so hopefully yesterday's contractions did something helpful.

Fingers crossed doing the nursery run for dc 3 set mine off had dc5 an hour afterwards

ImBrian Sun 09-Nov-14 16:53:28

That's fast! Dh is working 3 hours away the next few days so hopefully I'll get some warning.

We're your others that fast?

I got a bit of warning but with the pregnancy I had been in hospital 3 times so was paranoid it was a false start again difference was that time I felt like I needed toilet constantly which led to me going into proper labour.
Dc1 was 14hrs dc2 was 9 but would have been quicker but he got his ear stuck out of my cervix at 9cms and I stopped dilating until he moved dc3 was 3 hrs dc4 was 11hrs but he was prem and I had complications.
Think this one will be just a quick so hoping for a home birth but midwife wants me to use a new unit but we will see.

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