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29 weeks and feeling unprepared!

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Naomip88 Sat 08-Nov-14 21:08:55

i'm 29 weeks and i'm starting to panic that we're quite unprepared, so far i've only bought a few bits of clothes (nothing very practical!) our families are being very generous and offering to buy a few things so I would love peoples ideas of what we actually need. I don't want to buy the whole of mothercare just yet - I'd rather get the essentials for the first few weeks and take it from there.

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Sat 08-Nov-14 21:20:41

Some pram models in particular colours can have an 8-12 week lead time. Do your research and buy the best you can afford for your NEEDS, second hand if necessary (great bargains available).

Stripylikeatiger Sat 08-Nov-14 21:22:42

You still have lots of time so don't worry!

Basically you need:

Somewhere for the baby to sleep, we have a cot attached to our bed, no Moses basket as the baby tends to nap on us. We used swaddle blankets at the start and then baby sleeping bags.

A way of transporting the baby. We have travel system which is great as the carry cot bit can be used from birth but I also love my moby wrap, the baby is so snug in there and it's lovely to use around the house as well as when we are out.

Clothes. Babygrows and vests are ideal for small babies, you might need quite a few if you have a pukey poo explosion type baby like I have but some of my friends manage to even reuse an outfit the next day it might be worth holding off buying loads and then buy extra cheap clothes if it looks like you need it.

Milk. If you plan to breast feed you don't need anything, I'm not sure about how formula feeding works.

A car seat if you own a car, a couple of hats and a couple of blankets, a pack of dummies and your all set to go!

bearwithspecs Sun 09-Nov-14 07:47:03

You have ages yet. Don't buy many clothes as you will get tons as gifts! Just need some where to sleep, a car seat / buggy. If you plan to breast feed then breast pads. Research bottles and sterilisers - buy if you plan to ff. Have an idea of what you would go for if baby and you can't or struggle to feed in the early days - not uncommon for husband / friend / GP etc to be sent to mothercare to buy in a panic !!

definatlylosingmysanity Sun 09-Nov-14 09:37:24

The main clothes I'd say babygros bibs and vest I always get 14 then I have enough for an average of 2 changes a day. If it's winter when baby is due a couple of cardigans. Also a coat for when you go out.

You'll need a car seat to come home with but if you don't have a car you can borrow one and some hospitals rent them to you its worth asking.

Somewhere for baby to sleep I normally have a moses basket to begin with and move on to a cot.

Muslin squares I find is a must they can be used for a lot of things from cleaning sick and poo when it's hot sunny weather I drape it over the pram hood to help sheila from the sun.

Blankets you can get fitted ones for moses basket mattresses but I just use pillowcases I have in the house then a mixture of cotton and fleece blankets.

Nappies a good stock of which ever type you have chosen to use. Plenty of cotton wool for cleaning baby's bottom and for when you top and tail.

A changing bag to carry whatever bits you need although I just choose a large normal bag and get a baby magazine when the free gift is a travel changing mat.

If you ff then you'll need bottles teats and a steriliser if you bf I'd suggest some nipple sheilas just incase I had problems and got really sore blistered nipples when I tried bf and I went to bottle because of it looking back if I had nipple sheilas for a little while I could have probably carried on.

Something to help you get out and about either a buggy or a sling. With dc2 I couldn't find a pram I liked and when I did the delivery date was after my due date so he spent a couple of weeks being in a sling.
I can't think of any other things at the moment good luck smile

Naomip88 Sun 09-Nov-14 12:31:11

great! thanks for the advice- I'm usually laid back but my mum, sister in law and pregnant friends are putting me in a panic about buying stuff now before its too late even though I have over two months till the due date!

Mrsgrumble Sun 09-Nov-14 12:34:44

Lots of time

Def sort your car seat and buggy

About six to eight vests and babygro's mitts little hat

Pump or bottles depend on what you want to do

Nappies - I'd start ith two newborn packs - I use boots but used pampers newborn as liked the blue line

Blanket / snow suit

Moses basket (if borrowing buy new matress use pillowcases as sheet)

For yourself lots of pads nighties dark pj bottoms

Mrsgrumble Sun 09-Nov-14 12:37:07

If you plan on bottle feedin we loved the tommee tippee starter kit and bought extra bottles. Best thing we bought (I bf for first six weeks )

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