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Raspberry leaf... Have I bought the wrong thing?

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Sheptonmum12 Sat 08-Nov-14 18:56:43

I'm willing to try anything right now
I'm 37+5 and humongous

Today I went to holland and Barrett for raspberry leaf tea but they were sold out so I bought the tablets
I've read threads where people have said they have taken upto 6 tablets a day... These ones say take one twice a day and not during pregnancy!!

I have kept the reciept incase these are the wrong thing this is them-

AnythingNotEverything Sat 08-Nov-14 19:05:08

I think you're supposed to take them from much earlier in your third trimester so it might be too late anyway. Sorry!

Peaceloveandbiscuits Sat 08-Nov-14 19:06:17

I haven't read the link because I'm on my phone. The tea is an extremely low dose and unlikely to make any difference without a lot of accumulation. Check the dose on the capsules you've got against Google. I would have thought the reason not to take them in pregnancy is exactly the reason you're wanting to take them now - to instigate labour?

BumpNGrind Sat 08-Nov-14 19:13:31

I bought those ones.

I went a full two weeks over. Sorry but they didn't work for me.

Rockchick1984 Sat 08-Nov-14 20:07:29

Raspberry leaf tea doesn't induce labour, it encourages Braxton Hicks which tones the uterus so contractions during labour will be more effective.

ticktactoegivemeago Sat 08-Nov-14 21:28:15

Mine were in a green bottle not in a box. I asked as soon as I went in H&B and the young man gave me the right ones. I took upto 6 a day during the last few weeks and I honestly believe this helped with labour length and bleeding afterwards. You've just reminded me I need to check the use by date as I'm due again in Jan and hoping they might be still in date. (Dd is only 10 months)

Vinylux Sat 08-Nov-14 21:29:36

I think the chances of any of those things working are pretty slim. Your baby will come out when they are ready which I am sorry to say might well not be for another month!

Imnotaslimjim Sat 08-Nov-14 21:44:51

Raspberry leaf doesn't instigate labour, just helps tone the uterus for when baby is ready to come

Sadly, babies come when they are ready and not before unless forcibly evicted

Sarkymare Sun 09-Nov-14 11:52:09

I would just put your feet up and enjoy the last few weeks if I was you.

Contrary to what you will read online or hear from others. No amount of raspberry leaf tea, pineapple, nipple stimulation or sex will make a blind bit of difference to when you will go into labour. The baby will come when and only when a specific hormone ( the name escapes me) is created in order to kick start labour. The only other way to do this is by having a medical induction. You will find women that swear eating a pineapple started their labour. It didn't it was a coincidence and she would have gone into labour at that time pineapple or no pineapple. Like wise with all the other old wives tales.

I really wouldn't wouldn't waste your time or energy. You have what could be a month left. Relax and enjoy it. There is no need to try and rush things.

JennyBlueWren Sun 09-Nov-14 12:12:57

So does raspberry leaf tea/tablets help with the actual labour? If so when should I start taking them? (I'm 25 weeks)

AnythingNotEverything Sun 09-Nov-14 12:22:08

Snarky I think there is actually evidence that nipple stimulation can release oxytocin which can stimulate labour. I don't have a link, but a newly qualified midwife friend is completely sold on this theory.

I think with lots of these things though, there's no control group. It's very hard to say for definite if they actually help, because you any see what would have happened otherwise. Similarly with a sweep - anything you do to a lady at term could be said to cause labour if you look hard enough.

AnythingNotEverything Sun 09-Nov-14 12:22:36


Apologies. Bloody autocorrect.

Sarkymare Sun 09-Nov-14 12:33:14

Autocorrect? Sure it was wink

I have heard similar but I'm still dubious. Same with the pineapple it has been proven to Create such and such hormone. However you would need to eat over 7 full ones for it to have even a slight effect.

FruitBadger Sun 09-Nov-14 14:54:55

Jenny Yes, that's what I've been led to believe via Google & NCT classes. Generally not a good idea to start taking it too soon but you need to allow time for it to build up and gradually increase how much you take. I did a bit of general research and started with 1 tablet per day from 35 weeks, 2 from 37 and will up it to 3 when I reach 39. There's no "official" guidance though, so it's a case of deciding what you think is appropriate; either helpful or not depending on your perspective! grin

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