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What does my baby dream mean??

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Honeyhoney88 Fri 07-Nov-14 12:20:37

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me with what my dream meant.

I dreamt I had my baby in a kind of shopping mall, it was very clean and an easy birth, with my mum being the only person there. This wasn't really the main part of it though. When I got up my baby was a little girl and she was so beautiful!! I left her with someone in the shopping place, someone I seemed to know who look care of her on like a kind of shelf thing. I kept bringing people back from the shops I'd met to come and see my baby, but she wasn't tiny, I kept laughing at the fact she looked about 8 months old and people were giggling too!! It didn't make me feel sad or worried or anything, I feel excited to have kind of seen 'my baby'!
I am to confess to being a bit of a shopaholic and so this int odd to be in a shopping place in my dreams, but to deliver a baby I'm not sure.

Any one know what is could mean, or have I been watching too much of Lost lately?

Thank you xxx

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squitchey Fri 07-Nov-14 14:46:40

It means your mind is very preoccupied with your baby and giving birth and it's processing it through a dream. smile I had a several very weird birth dreams last time round, including ones where the baby was an odd size, or could talk. I think they're really common.

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