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Throwing up folic acid tablets

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Caitmous Fri 07-Nov-14 06:42:56

Please help. I've had all day & night long nausea since week six of this pregnancy; I'm now 9.5 weeks. Although I feel terrible all the time, I only ever vomit after taking a folic acid tablet. I've tried two different brands and tried taking them with food and without and it makes no difference - within moments I'm violently throwing up.

So I've basically stopped taking them. And I'm hardly eating vegetables because of the constant nauseous feeling. So I'm not getting many vitamins via food either.

I just tried again to take one and again was sick. I'm feeling pretty distressed about this. My last pregnancy was a miscarriage at twelve weeks so I'm anxious anyway.

Has anyone else had this? Did you find a way of overcoming it?

I'm wondering if folic acid can may be taken in liquid form? Might that help...?

Meirasa Fri 07-Nov-14 08:48:20

Don't painic, I had HG from 4 weeks until 24 weeks and still throw up all the time. Folic Acid made it worse and I'm positive I kept none of it down. I was a very relieved lady when I saw the baby had a spine at all.

Some foods are fortified like cornflakes so trying to eat those may help- I ate a mountain of melon too. A friend pointed out that these vitimans didn't always exist and while it's preferable to take them if you can, healthy babies were always born without.

Do you have a midwife yet?

ffallada Fri 07-Nov-14 11:58:10

I had to try four different brands (of course my body only seemed to be able to process the most expensive pregnacare ones!) and ended up taking them last thing at night washed down with yoghurt. Then straight to bed. That way I was lying down which helped and then asleep before the sickness had time to fully kick in.

Have you tried different times of the day? Or taking the supplements with milk, yoghurt or a real good quality ice-cream (that's made from dairy products?).

Also, now I am in the third trimester, I take them with gaviscon. I wish I had tried that sooner - its ace. I sleep much better. Havent thrown up
days grin

I'd echo what Meirasa has said, panicking will send you mental, so try not too. Just keep fiddling about with how you take them, if you really cant then buy some frosties or any other fortified cornflakes and have a bowl full every day. Plenty healthy babies are born without folic acid supplements. Eat what you can, when you can.

Caitmous Fri 07-Nov-14 13:45:02

Thank you both I feel reassured. Luckily cornflakes are one of the things I've been fancying of late. Will buy some pregnacare, yoghurt and ice cream. Did some research and there's folic acid in citrus fruit too so will try some oranges.

Thanks again smile

cheesecakemom Fri 07-Nov-14 13:51:33

Hi my 1st preg I felt sick all day from 7 weeks till the end. This time I've been taking all my vitamins at bed time (when I'm actually in bed). I find I feel really sick and throw up if I take them during the day

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