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37 weeks pregnant bump pain

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Mothersruin75 Fri 07-Nov-14 05:08:10

I'm 37 weeks pregnant with DC4 and have been getting pains low down in my bump on the right hand side and across my back since tea time yesterday, it's not horrendous pain but more uncomfortable period pain. Also it does come and go but it lasts for a while. It's not like I imagine a contraction would be, it doesn't come and go in short waves. I'm not sure what it is, should I ring the midwife/ hospital to ask? Anyone else experience this?

You would think by DC4 I'd be a pro & know all the ropes but I've never had anything like this in either of my other pregnancies, DC1 was induced at 42wks with no twinges, pains, Braxton Hicks beforehand and DTs were elcs at 37+2 again with nothing before - it might be the fact I have three already causing this, I'm not resting much!

I finish work on Tuesday, I'm not sure if I want to go in today. My elcs is booked for two weeks time I just want to get there.

bethellex Fri 07-Nov-14 09:36:18

I've woken up to exactly the same thing! Haven't been able to sleep since 4am and pain started about 6.45!
Doesn't feel how I would imagine though and don't want to ring the midwife invade it is nothing! X

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