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Is this normal?

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COYGL12 Thu 06-Nov-14 14:19:16

Yesterday I ate something from the avoid list accidentally. Have since had diharrea, nausea & am hot since.

Ring midwife who tells me listeriosis risk very low, please don't come in as it's most likely a tummy bug which we don't want you passing on to our other pregnant ladies. If you're still concerned ring your GP.

Does this sound right to you? 32 weeks & worried after googling listeriosis. Is it really such a low risk that no one bothers checking?

Thank you xxx

ireallydontlikemonday Thu 06-Nov-14 14:21:25

What did you eat?

HazleNutt Thu 06-Nov-14 16:47:59

Google says that it takes at least a few days before you would see any symptoms from listeria infection, average incubation period is 30 days. A longer incubation period was observed for pregnancy-associated cases (median: 27.5 days; range: 17–67 days) .
Therefore it's unlikely you would see symptoms if you ate something only yesterday.

COYGL12 Thu 06-Nov-14 17:13:07

Pâté, thought it was a mousse sad so angry with myself. Hopefully it's just a nasty tummy bug then, thank you for the info.

Psmith83 Fri 07-Nov-14 08:27:24

Listeria is VERY rare. Google Zoe Williams in the Guardian on this.

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