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ROA baby could be reason for stop/start labour. How can I turn her.

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Bellyrub1980 Thu 06-Nov-14 10:38:11

I've just wasted another 30 minutes of my life trying to negotiate my at around the spinning babies website. That site needs a serious overhaul. And it's so wordy and confusing!!!!

Anyway! (rant over) Does anyone have any advice about turning an ROA baby? I figure being on all 4's is the main thing? I've been doing this a lot, and my arse cheeks are aching from holding me up all the time.

Argh pregnancy rage is at an all time high today! (I blame bloody spinning babies!!!)

Bellyrub1980 Thu 06-Nov-14 11:12:29

Okay! So Ive done a bit more research and it seems as though babies tend to turn clockwise. So to get into an optimal position the baby needs to go from ROA to OP to LOA to OA. So all the way round basically. Which means right side lying initially and avoiding all 4's... I'm so confused!!!!

Any advice on this would be great. I've strictly avoided right side lying because of the blood flow thing.

OhMjh Thu 06-Nov-14 13:10:03

According to my midwife and a lot of other people, ROA is actually optimal positioning for birth..
I hate to say it, because I know you're overdue and fed up, but that baby is going to come out when it wants to, not when anyone else wants it to and having a calm, relaxed mama would probably do wonders for you. I'm sat here at 39 weeks with two fractured ribs from my little lady and it feels like a weights been lifted now I've come to terms with her being in there for as long as she needs to be.

Take yourself off for a nice bubble bath with all the smellies you can et your hands on, go for a gentle walk later and have a lovely dinner or something.

Bellyrub1980 Thu 06-Nov-14 14:22:29

Fractured ribs?! Blimey that must be horrible.

I must admit I just have too much time to think about everything.

OhMjh Thu 06-Nov-14 14:40:31

Indeed! It's my fault for pro creating with someone over 6 foot when I'm only 5'2..
I know it's really frustrating, 9 months is a horribly long time, but you may do more harm than good by trying everything under the sun to get your little person out. Just think of it this way - you've made such a lovely home in there that they'd much rather stay inside! Maybe get yourself along to a fireworks display this weekend or book yourself in for some pampering which the baby can ruin by arriving ;)

Bellyrub1980 Thu 06-Nov-14 15:08:32

Well, I'm 11 days overdue today and induction is booked for Sunday. So only 2 more days to occupy my brain and one of those is Saturday so DP will be home.

Never thought I'd say this but can't wait to be induced!!!

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