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hip/back and stomach pain

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ghostspirit Wed 05-Nov-14 17:40:01

Hi all. im 16 weeks pregnant. and have bad hip/back and stomach pain. the stomach pain is not overly bad but not nice. the back and hip pain is the worst. in morning its not so bad. but by afternoon and being busy at work its really killing me. it makes me walk funny as well. does anyone have any suggestions what it might be and also what i could do about the pain. thank you

dragonflyinthelillies Wed 05-Nov-14 18:25:08

Sounds like pelvic girdle pain. I'd get yourself to the docs earlier rather than later to see if you can get a referral to physio.

I was the same at your stage and am now 27 weeks and signed off due to my hip pain. I really wish I'd gone earlier!

TinyMonkey Thu 06-Nov-14 10:40:19

Yep, sounds like PGP, ask your mw for a physio referral asap. The earlier you address it the better. It's a pain in the arse, but there are things you can do to try and stop it getting worse.

BeginnerSAHM Thu 06-Nov-14 10:58:27

Yup - totally agree. I developed it at 27 weeks, was referred 'urgently' for physio by a midwife at 28 weeks and am finally seeing somebody tomorrow at 32+3. The pain has got a lot worse and I'm now virtually housebound (despite paying to see an osteopath privately a few times, which is expensive!). Anyway, it might not get that bad but definitely ask for help ASAP! Look at the 'Pelvic Partnership' website for lots of useful information about it. Hope you get some physio soon!! Good luck!

ghostspirit Thu 06-Nov-14 16:29:15

i spoke to doc on phone this morning. She said its because im over weight. im just over 13 stone bmi is 32. but i have been over weight with all my pregnancys. and never had that problem until a week or so before my due date. never questioned it then as so late in pregnancy and sort of exspected things like that but not this early. anyway she said a pregnancy support belt might help. she has made me an appointment to see the nurse next week. She said that i need to excersize more. but i feel i do enough. i walk the school run takes 40 mins. then i come home for about 45 mins. then i leave for work takes 20/25 mins to walk bus stop. Then im at work will 2.30 and im on my feet all the time lots of bending rushing about lifting/cleaning and stuff on my feet constantly from 11-2.30 i work in a school kitchen. get home about 3.30 time i have done dinner at home and stuff. i dont want to be excersizing. if its some stretches or something that might help thats different. but she just said excersize nothing persivic.

dragonflyinthelillies Thu 06-Nov-14 16:38:06

I'd ask for a second opinion. If it is pgp the by exercising more there's a good chance you may make your symptoms worse, and it's sounds like your doing more than enough already anyways!

ghostspirit Thu 06-Nov-14 17:11:20

yes thats what i thought. i got appointment to seer nurse next wednesday after work. so will see what she says.

what is pgp? i thought it was where the bones around the pelvic and hip area become loose or sonething like that not sure.

BeginnerSAHM Thu 06-Nov-14 17:14:34

Yes - exercise can make it worse... You need to be referred for physio (or some kind of 'manual manipulation'). It could get worse if you're unlucky/not careful. I didn't have it with my first and second children (thank goodness). Just with this pregnancy (baby number 3). Have a look at that website (pelvic partnership) - it has quite straightforward information on it and ask to be referred, by a midwife or another GP, for physio. Hope it eases up soon - or at least doesn't get worse!

ghostspirit Sat 08-Nov-14 21:19:29

I have not done a thing today. all i have done is get out of bed. done lunch. i have sat on my butt all day not doing a thing and i have no pain at all. so i really do think its when working and doing lots of walking and general being busy

ghostspirit Thu 13-Nov-14 08:58:09

i spoke a nurse about the pains. she said its because im on my 5th pregnancy and everything is loose. she said its going to get worse and i should get a support belt which will help. not sure when to use it though. i guess if im just at home doing very little then i wont bother. but if at work and very busy/lots of walking and things then i will wear it. they look embarrassing to wear :/

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