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Is it normal for your belly button to tear in late pregnancy? (warning: photo!)

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niphredil Wed 05-Nov-14 16:11:48

I am exactly 35 weeks today, and when I got out of the shower this morning I noticed that my belly button had 'torn' where one of the natural skin folds would be.

I Googled this and couldn't find anything about it. Has this happened to anyone before? A bit worried it won't heal as the baby keeps growing in these last few weeks... sad

DayLillie Wed 05-Nov-14 16:16:33

My belly button turned inside out and continued to stretch and had stretch marks and was very, very sore, so feel for you sad.

I used to be covered in oil.

nappiesandnaptimes Wed 05-Nov-14 16:30:03

Ouch! That looks sore - do you have a midwife appointment coming up? Never heard of it before but would worry about it splitting further as you grow.

divingoffthebalcony Wed 05-Nov-14 16:32:17

My skin was stretched so severely, the stretch marks (which were already thick) had tiny pinprick blood spots over them. I thought I was going to burst open. Sympathies!

weeblueberry Wed 05-Nov-14 16:32:47

Yes mine did this last time!! I think like Day said it's more of a long stretch mark? Or mine was. It was sort of like a scratch? Don't think it's there any more but am on my second pregnancy and haven't looked tbh!!

Jodie1982 Wed 05-Nov-14 16:33:29

Are u sure you haven't just scratched it without knowing? As it looks like you just caught it on something and you also have a smaller scratch right near the big one. I'm forever knocking my Bump, I even accidentally burn it whilst ironing and pulling baking trays from the oven.

niphredil Wed 05-Nov-14 16:37:54

@weeblueberry it does look like a scratch - thankfully it hasn't bled as far as I can tell. Good to know I'm not alone with this!

@nappiesandnaptimes good point! I don't see my midwife for another week and a half so I'll give her a ring tomorrow and see if this is normal...

niphredil Wed 05-Nov-14 16:39:28

Possibly @Jodie1982 (I was born in 1982 too!), although I'm always covered up. Everything I wear is over-the-bump, including my nightie. I supposed I could've scratched it in my sleep though...

divingoffthebalcony Wed 05-Nov-14 18:42:44

Having taken a closer look at that photo, there really isn't any redness or inflammation that would suggest the skin is splitting due to the pregnancy. In fact, I can't see any stretch marks at all! So it probably is just a scratch.

UML Wed 05-Nov-14 19:40:17

Maybe your skin was very dry and it split or being dry it became more delicate...

I know my belly often feels dry!

BlueThursday Wed 05-Nov-14 20:09:30

I think it's more like a scratch. Pop some 8 hour cream on it and keep an eye on it until your midwife appointment

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