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Hemmorhoids- on bed rest at 32 weeks

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CoddledAsAMommet Wed 05-Nov-14 13:48:20

Sorry if TMI.
I had a hemorrhoid appear on Monday- went to the doctor yesterday to be told to take the week off work and rest on my side. It got worse overnight so I went back. It now looks unlikely that I'll get back to work at all and, if it's no better by Monday, I might even need surgery before the baby's born.

I have no constipation, just weight of the baby pressing down.

The pain's terrible but this is DC4 so I just can't imagine how the next few weeks will work. School runs, laundry, dinners.... Also, am a bit embarrassed so telling people I have sciatica!

Any one else have this? The joys of pregnancy!

Jersey37 Wed 05-Nov-14 14:41:52

I had a fissure before pregnancy. So far I've managed to not get that back.... sometimes I feel like I could have some discomfort in the region when weeing.... feels like something is pressing down on my back passage??? but it doesn't hurt to have a BM... so hoping I might escape this joy.... I'm 36 weeks... so only another month to survive for me!

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