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3rd trimester whinge anyone?

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Chloris33 Wed 05-Nov-14 13:15:05

Sometimes you just need space for a whinge. Go for it! I know I'm v lucky to have got this far and be healthy. But, I am going to whinge about my back ache, which is severe when sitting down, and I'm still trying to work, and have a long commute. Have a back support cushion but can't sit for more than about 15 mins at a time. Sleeping is stiff and uncomfortable, too, on the legs and hips despite pillows. And the joys of heartburn have begun, which is brining back nausea. 33 weeks today, only 7 more, though that still feels daunting!

funchum8am Wed 05-Nov-14 13:18:30

I'm 33 weeks too and suffering the backache but worse when standing up! Started leave this week to spend time with 2yo DD before baby comes so mustn't grumble, but I seem to be wishing my life away wanting baby to come. We are moving house to be nearer family in January so lots to organise!

TheHermitCrab Wed 05-Nov-14 13:20:05

I'm at 29 weeks at the mo. Suffered from heartburn before pregnancy, so now I just have full on extreme acid reflux (actually made me vomit a few times...ew sad )

Back hurts, bum hurts, hips hurt, can't walk without my belly feeling like It's going to drop off.

And I'm a fat horrible mess. Only 4ft 11 and my arse and my bump seem to be in competition with each other as to which is going to tear a hole in my clothes first....

I'm going through panty liners like they are going out of fashion!

And breathe....

Haha I needed that... thanks for that!

Firstpregnancy2014 Wed 05-Nov-14 13:33:47

I fancy a moan too sad
Im 37 weeks, booked in for a csection at 39+4
Acid reflux is horrible, im absolutely knackered at work ( luckily this is my last week ) i really wish i had started maternity leave earlier though, i wake up in the night for a wee, my back aches from sitting at my desk and im MASSIVE
if one more person asks me if its twins ill probably punch them

kitkat321 Wed 05-Nov-14 13:34:59

Just coming up for 36 weeks - actually the 3rd trimester has been the easiest for me because it marked an end of the crippling tiredness and nausea.

I am very swollen and cumbersome though. My back is ok but weight of baby is pushing down now which makes it feel as if someone has kicked me between the legs. My feet are so swollen that it hurts to walk on them so keeping active is difficult!

Sleeping is also difficult and in the last week I'd say I've struggled to have a decent nights sleep either due to discomfort or insomnia.

I've been very lucky not to have heartburn - just some minor reflux at night. Only 2 1/2 days left of work and then I can finally relax!

TheHermitCrab Wed 05-Nov-14 13:40:33

Can't Wait to finish work! I'm due mid jan and finishing work on the 23rd Dec (only taking a couple of months off as I can't afford to!)

I leave the house at 7am and don't get home until 7pm. Work 8am til 5.15 pm, 2 busses each way plus a long walk.

All I'm doing is working and sleeping, and they have the cheek to say I'll be begging to come back. At least when I'm home with bubbah I can look and feel like shit in the confides of my own house! haha.

Getyourflipflopson Wed 05-Nov-14 13:50:00

37 + 5 and have a walking 13 month old, not having much fun at the moment! Am doing the minimum amount of housework, and then getting depressed about the state of the house. As soon as I sit down in the evening, my back and hips seize up, and then the heartburn starts when I try and sleep. Not to mention the Braxton hicks if I walk more than 100 metres. Ho hum, not long to go I hope!

NaiceNickname Wed 05-Nov-14 14:15:11

35 weeks on Friday. I just want a decent nights sleep hmm to not wake up every hour to turn over because my hips are burning, meaning I have to flop into my back then other side taking the pillows between my legs with me, getting comfy again, then waking half an hour later for yet another wee.

I honestly think I will sleep better once DS is here.

And to top it off, I feel like I have been booted by a racehorse in my pubic bone since last night, walking is agony!

Off to my MW soon to see if he has turned from transverse yet hmm not hopeful.

3-5 weeks to go depending on if I need a c section or not!

Oh, and I'm a bloody heifer, which is hitting me hard after losing 7 stone after having DD. I up to now have gained back half of that back and I could weep.

Somersetgirl1990 Wed 05-Nov-14 14:30:18

I also have the feeling that I've been kicked in the pubic bone.... Was concerned that it was the start of spd but is it normal for the end of pregnancy?? Im 35+3.. The end is in sight!

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