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bambi2489 Wed 05-Nov-14 12:39:32

Hello all,

Last night I told my husband that I had a slight feeling I was pregnant - there have been no symptoms etc but I just felt like there was something ! We have been trying for about 4 months.

- we rushed straight to Tesco (thank goodness for 24 hour shopping) and bought 2 digital clearblue test.

I did one straight away - and within 5 minutes it displayed 'Pregnant 1-2'

Doubting my thoughts and the stick - I did another test this morning - the same result appeared.

Im flabasgasted because I came off the depo injection at the end of june and only had 2 periods since -which my last one started on the 3rd October. I had a traumatic time on the contraceptive injection for 3 years so to become pregnant within 3 months of coming off it is a big surprise and a huge blessing.

I just wondered how would I work out my due date if my periods are irregular ?

Sorry if I have posted this incorrectly - getting to grips with all the threads and posts!!


beeecaaa Wed 05-Nov-14 12:59:42

There are lots of online due daye calculators you could try. I've taken 4 different ones and come up with the same day (my periods were irregular too!)

Or you could use an ovulation calender, too estimate when you conceived.

Failing that, you could wait until you see your midwife, who will be more helpful.

Congrats by the way! All the best!

Firstpregnancy2014 Wed 05-Nov-14 13:29:24

Congratulations !
When i got a 1-2 week on clear blue digi i was about 4 weeks gone smile

bambi2489 Wed 05-Nov-14 16:45:03

Thankyou both of you! I downloaded an app which had helped and seeing the doc on Friday :-) xx

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