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KelseyKrier Wed 05-Nov-14 01:49:54

Hey! TTC #1 & lately I haven't had much of an appetite and when I do eat I feel so sick! & my cervical mucus is really white & lotion-y could these be possibly early pregnancy symptoms?? Ps I have no other symptoms!grinenvywinkenvysmileenvy

pippinleaf Wed 05-Nov-14 07:06:27

It's such a difficult time when you're ttc. EVERYTHING seems like a symptom and could well be. I tried for thirteen months before getting pregnant and each month I was convinced by some new symptom or other, or no symptoms etc. you really won't know until you're got the positive test. I'd say you're too early to have any symptoms as the embryo would be implanting about now. Gingers crossed for you thanks

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