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Multiple Blighted Ovums... Ideas?

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Lawofsod Tue 04-Nov-14 18:42:21

Sorry to put such a depressing thing on the pregnancy thread.

I had a scan this afternoon at 8 weeks which showed no baby in the sac. This is my second BO after another in early 2011. I had a regular miscarriage this summer, and have no children.

I am very upset, inevitably, but more than anything want this time to get the 'management' over with as painlessly and stress-free as possible, and to get some answers. I am 39 (not great I know) and at least after 3 I get a referral apparently.

Does anyone know anything about why BOs happen? Anything I should ask for or be tested for?

I'd be so grateful for any thoughts.

freelancegirl Tue 04-Nov-14 21:07:32

Sorry to hear of your loss. I've had 5 miscarriages and, after treatment, a one child and another one on way. One of the miscarriages was a blighted ovum.

Via the miscarriage boards on mumsnet I found out about the key doctors to see in this country. You can get a referral to St Mary's recurrent miscarriage clinic at Paddington but I would also explore other avenues as often St Mary's draw blanks when other clinics find something you can be treated for. The miscarriage boards here are a great place to start.

I had an NHS referral for both St Mary's and also to see Mr Shehata at Epsom and St Helier hospitals however I was 37 and wanted to get on with it quickly so instead chose to see Mr Shehata privately at the Miscarriage Clinic (you can now also see him a New Life clinic in Surrey). I am so glad I did as I was recognised with something called a high level of natural killer cells and, all things going well with my current 31 week pregnancy, will soon have my second child on his treatment.

Recurrent miscarriage (including blighted ovums - apparently there IS a baby it is just very very small) are thought by him and others to be attacked by a high level of natural killer cells attacking the developing fetus thinking its a foreign object. It can be relatively easily treated with steroids and other medication and the treatment has an 85% success rate. I am not saying you definitely have this, of course, but it is more common than people know and well worth exploring. Chances are your GP doesn't know that much about recurrent miscarriage.

I did eventually get seen at St Mary's too but once they had tested for blood clotting issues and found none there was nothing they could do for me.

Fire away if you have any questions and like I said do go check out the miscarriage boards here.

Lawofsod Tue 04-Nov-14 22:50:48

Thank you so much for your reply. It seems a bit easier to deal with the next horrible bit knowing that there might be some positive steps I can take in the future.

I am so sorry for your own losses but many congratulations on your growing family. So pleased that it is working out for you.

I'll check out the miscarriage boards as you suggested.

bakingtins Tue 04-Nov-14 22:56:23

LOS I'm so sorry you are going through this. I post on the recurrent Miscarriage Support thread on the miscarriage board (we've just started thread 13) and previously posted on the 'TTC and pregnancy on pred' thread on conception. Like freelance the cause in my case was raised NK cells and I had my daughter this summer after 4MC when treated with steroids. There are women on the RM thread with experience of all sorts of different diagnoses and treatments and the support there is fantastic.

Lawofsod Wed 05-Nov-14 11:03:38

Thanks bakingtins, I really appreciate you ladies taking the time to write. I'm going to head over to that thread now.

I'm trying to choose between medical management and surgery right now - I waited for a month the last time and just want this to be over with now. I know there are risks with surgery, but not keen on another gruesome drawn-out experience either - especially if I have to have surgery anyway afterwards. Do either of you have any idea which is 'better'?

Thanks again. X

freelancegirl Wed 05-Nov-14 12:18:47

Personally I would go for an ERPC every time. I've never taken the meds to have medical management but have had a couple of natural miscarriages and they have been very painful indeed with full on contractions. And like you've said medical management - from what I have seen - has the potential to draw the process out. Good luck with it all. If you want to know more about high natural killer cells there is also a thread in Conception called 'TTC or pregnancy on Prednisolone or similar' where there are a lot of people chatting about testing and treatment for this. And of course via the Miscarriage Clinic website

Waves to Baking! Both she and I are part of a big support network all developed on the miscarriage boards.

Lawofsod Wed 05-Nov-14 12:24:25

Thanks freelancegirl. I just posted again re this question before I saw your response. I feel stuck don't know which way to go, but ERPC is so tempting...

bakingtins Wed 05-Nov-14 15:50:53

Hi free glad to hear all is going well with you smile

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