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Being induced - top tips please

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Mishee Wed 04-Oct-06 12:40:53

Because of 4 episodes of bleeding in the last few months, the hospital have said they don't want me to go past 38 weeks. I had always assumed I would be 2 weeks late (don't know why) and suddenly I have only 2 weeks to go, instead of my expected 6 weeks! I don't know much about induction, as I didn't bother listening to that bit of the antenatal class, thinking it wouldn't affect me. Top tips please! Thanks.

incy Wed 04-Oct-06 12:57:16

I was induced with DS1 and what happened (with me) was that I went into hospital at lunchtime where they examined me then inserted a prostaglandin pessary and made me walk around for a couple of hours. Nothing happened, so they tried another pessary at 7pm and said if nothing happened they would break my waters in the morning (I think after two pessaries they sometimes put you on a drip). As it happened I went into labour almost immediately. From my experience you go straight into full blown labour when induced - my contractions were 2 mins apart from the start- but it was very quick and I was holding DS1 1.5 hours later. Have not got anything to compare it with (so far) but from my experience it was quick and intense and better than two days of exhausting labour which a close friend who went into natural labour experienced. Good luck - it will be fine.

incy Wed 04-Oct-06 13:01:59

Sorry, should have explained that the drip they may use after two pessaries has a hormone in to trigger contractions (like the prostaglandin pessary but stronger I think). Best to check with local hospital what they do as for all I know some hospitals may do things differently. As I said (despite numerous warnings) I found induction a quick and positive birth experience but unfortunately can't compare at the moment.

KoshkaTheFriendlyGhost Wed 04-Oct-06 13:05:47

i was induced with pessary, broken waters, then eventually a drip.

Having your waters broken is not nice, but try to relax (yeah right i know) but i was so tense it hurt a lot more than it would have done if i was reaxed.

Also, if you have a drip, consider your pain relief options - do not know what you are considering, but your contraction will come thick and fast so you wont have that gradual build up to get accustomed to the pain.

I had an epidural after crying through having my waters broken, as i thought if i could not handle that then i might as well consider an epidural (i wanted a natural birth)..

Hope this helps

myermay Wed 04-Oct-06 13:06:04

Message withdrawn

myermay Wed 04-Oct-06 13:09:24

Message withdrawn

KoshkaTheFriendlyGhost Wed 04-Oct-06 13:14:14

Sometimes it not quick though - from first pessary, it was 3 days, from drip it was...12hours, 9 hours of established labour!

At the end the drip was maxed up and ended up having the midwife constnatly in the room, she only left twice to wee/have a cuppa.

MKG Wed 04-Oct-06 13:51:44

I loved being induced as a first time mom.

I went in at 8 pm the put in cervidil (protaglandin) overnight. In the morning they broke my water, and put me on a pitocin drip. It took 12 hours from start to finish with the pitocin.

One thing. Eat like you have never eaten in your life. If they do a protaglandin insert you can't eat. And when you are hooked up to pitocin you can't eat. Let me tell you. When my son was born I quickly put him to side and asked for my dinner.

MoosMa Wed 04-Oct-06 22:00:52

I had a pessary at 11am, nothing happened until 1pm then I had minute long contractions every 2 minutes for the next 26 hours. I was induced because DD was OP and that was what caused the long slow labour though, so don't let me frighten you!

I did enjoy the fact that I knew when it was going to happen. We went out the night before and got all prepared, had a restless excited night's non-sleep then got up and went in the morning.

I think as long as the baby's in a nice position induction can be a very good thing. Although maybe more intense, you often get better care as the midwives are more likely to keep an eye on your progress, they never left my side the whole time!

TuttiFrutti Thu 05-Oct-06 09:17:48

My top tip is to take lots of stuff to read and keep you occupied.

Induction is so variable - it might happen straight away and you might be holding the baby in your arms a few hours after having the first pessary, but then again you might be lying in bed waiting for hours or even days. Take lots of magazines! And cash for hospital cafe/chocolate machine to get snacks.

yummymummy79 Thu 07-Jun-07 16:13:16

I was really worried about being induced. However, I neednt have worried at all. I already have a 5year old boy who was born 7 days late, weighed in at 8lb 13oz and somehow managed to give birth without any pain relief and was really proud of myself. When I fell pregnant again I wanted to do the same again..After my 28week bloods it was discovered that I had gestational diabetes, which I monitered 4 times a day every day. I was told that I would be induced on my due date. I did my research and panicked,sometimes the web can be your worst enemy.I arrived at a very busy hospital and placed on the foetel heart monitor.It was decided that my waters should be broken first,this was uncomfortable not painfull,they give you 2-3hrs to get going if not then its the drip.I did start to get mild contractions but my midwife decided to go for the drip.. that was awfull as the guy missed my vein in 1 hand and fannied around with the other!BANG my labour started almost instantly, 3hrs later my 7lb 14oz buddle of goo was there! No pain relief again.It was alot quicker,but I felt really in control and the midwife was fab,I was even laughing and joking in between so it cant be that bad, coz I am a wuss!! I hope this is reassuring for those about to go thru the same.feel free to ask if you want to know anymore xxx

Judy7 Thu 07-Jun-07 16:18:13

Having waters broken didn't hurt at all, just a bit uncomfortable, so don't worry. (I kept my eyes firmly closed throughout the whole procedure) It was all over in 90 minutes for me, but then it was my second baby. The contractions can be a bit more fierce (or maybe they feel like that because they come on stronger straight away) so my top tip is don't be brave - if it's too much, have an epidural.

brendar75 Thu 07-Jun-07 22:21:09

It can all take a while, so bring lots of mags and favourite books (nothing too taxing); an iPod; eye mask and ear plugs in case you're in for a while and need some sleep; some nice perfume / eau de Cologne and essential oils; lots of nice cartons of juice and squash; some fruit, biscuits, chocolate and flapjacks etc to keep you going. I brought two pillows from home as NHS pillows are not as comfy!

I found the thought that 'by this time next week it will all be done' kept me going through 48 hours of sweeps, gel, drip and finally CS. It all turned out very calm and rather lovely in the end.

Best of luck, and enjoy meeting your baby! x

madamez Thu 07-Jun-07 22:29:03

Go for the gas and air, breathe it like a snorkel and don't worry if it makes you chuck up after the first few goes. If they strap you to a monitor, you don't have to lie flat all the time if you would rather sit or stand, as long as you keep the monitor pads in place (I found this out after 3 hours flat on my back spitting and cursing, when the midwifes changed shifts and I got my nice midwife from antenatal class).
If you are planning to BF you may need to work a bit harder and have more support: induction can reduce the milk supply.
Best of luck. You'll have a bouncing babby soon.

plummymummy Fri 08-Jun-07 08:49:15

Sorry to come along and put a dampner on things but my experience was pretty bad. No pessary - straight to drip (due to meconium when waters broke)and the midwife kept cranking up the machine so there was no gap between contractions. It was awful. I was not even allowed gas and air as I was told I was not in established labour. Eventually I was given the gas n air but it was too late and I had to go for an epidural. Altogether my labour was 14 hours (4 hours pushing)and it was an instrumental delivery - ventouse. It's encouraging that others have had a good experience though.

agr4y Sun 10-Jun-07 22:38:35

Mine is a bit of good and bad, lol. I went in at 8am, broke my waters just before 10 to nine, I was already 3cms dilated and the monitor was showing contractions, I couldn't feel them. By 9.15am I was contracting every 3 minutes but was told I couldn't have any pain relief because it can slow things down . That part was really scary. Was sent for a bath, this seemed to speed things up was sick within minutes . Got gas and air at this point and was taken back to my room. Midwife thought I had it all wrong till she looked and saw baby was really on the way. Decided to give me some dihydrocodiene which i didn't want . Heard her tell DH it probably wouldn't have time to work. However the entire thing was over really quickly and I was on the ward for lunch. All stitched up and cleaned. Have to agree with a few other poster, total labour time 2.5hrs, much better than a long one. I had no real time to think about the pain. Hoping #2 goes just as quickly.

Chooster Mon 11-Jun-07 10:38:08

Mine is kind of similar... I was 40+4 when I had a haemorrage which resulted in an induced labour. I went straight onto the drip and agree that breaking the waters was more uncomfortable than anything. As has already been said, relaxing will make it a lot more pleasant (if thats possible ).

Contractions were hard and fast from the first moment and I was hooked up all the time to monitor things. Although not that easy, moving around did help me. Don't feel you are strapped to the bed. Also, as has been said dont be brave. I found the whole experience painful but I did have pethadine to help (couldn't get on with gas and air - kept being sick). In hindsight I may have opted for an epidural, but I think much of the pain may have come from the fact that I was worried and tired from the blood loss I'd had and it was all so sudden. If I'd had time to prepare I may have felt more relaxed and therefore I may not have found it so painful. Also they had to crank up the drip to the maximum to keep my contractions coming so that probably didn't help.

Anyway, start to finish was 14 hours and I had midwife care throughout. I was never left alone which was re-assuring.

Good luck!!!!

rhubarb90 Mon 11-Jun-07 11:37:44

I was booked in to be induced with my DS but my contractions started the day before. I didn't end up having most of the interventions, (pessaries and all that) that other posters have mentioned. However, the day after I went into hospital my waters were broken as they hadn't gone on their own yet. So he was kind of partly induced, if you see what I mean. I have to agree with the person who said keep your eyes shut when they break your waters. According to DP I kind of yelped when it happened, but that was more the shock (yes, I know, it really shouldn't have surprised me lol) of the sudden flood all over the bed than pain or anything, so try not to worry about it. The very best of luck and good wishes to you!

tiredmumov3 Mon 11-Jun-07 14:52:19

hi i had inductions with all 3 as they wouldnt budge andwere all 12 days overdue.each one was different but only needed one pessary with each

1 12 hr labour pethadine failed ventouse forceps

2 5 hour labour pethadine and gas n air

3 2 hour labour no stitches gas n air and pethadine too late( didnt work until after he was born!)

hoping number four is going to just fall out!would advise you take lots to reduce boredom as its sometimes a very long process
good luck

RoseQuartz Mon 11-Jun-07 16:52:44

I was induced with each of my first 5 involved a gel pessary being inserted every half day or so, and sometimes that worked although other times I also had the drip to get me going and also had arm with 2 of them as the waters just refused to pop!!
Being induces is slightly uncomfortable and that's it, please don't listen to anyone telling you scare stories, because after 5 experiences I can guarantee you its nothing to be afraid of, just go with the flow and enjoy it! Being induced is nothing compared to having a prem baby trust me, our 6th child was born 12 weeks early and was born breech, that was the most horrible birth experience ever. I am pregnant with number 7 now, and hope I will be induced at full term or beyond again, definitely don't want to go through the hell of having a prem again. Enjoy your pregnancy ( and induction) and it won't be long before the magic moment arrives and baby being in your arms..........fantastic, good luck xx

mamijacacalys Tue 12-Jun-07 11:43:49

Induced both times at 39 wks (raised BP).
DS: Cervix was'favourable' following sweep so had prostaglandin pessary at 8pm, another at 8am, started pushing at 1pm, had gas and air, born 8.30pm (needed episiotomy/forceps as cord round his neck).
DD: Cervix 'not favourable' so had 'Propess' t-bag thingy at 8am, was bored all day on the ward. 6am following morning, started mild period pains and had show. Started pushing around 10am, DD born 1.30pm. Was fine, did not even have any gas and air.
So in my experience induction whas been fine, but I didn't have the drip which I think is what can make it particularly intense, according to my SIL, and I was very determined to avoid a C/S so was *very explicit* that I did not want an epidural. (With DD last year I think it is sometimes offered for the hospital's convenience as the mw said 'good for you' when I told the Registrar (after the first few pushes) to leave me alone and that I didn't want a drip or an epidural unless I thought it was necessary).
bf both of mine fine as well.
Listen to your body and relax as much as possible.
HTH and good luck!

LittleB Tue 12-Jun-07 11:58:10

I was induced with a drip with dd as my waters had already gone but it still took 9 hours including having the rest of my waters broken. My top tip would be get some arnica, I had an epidural, which I think is fairly common when you've been induced and was told I'd feel like 'I'd been kicked in the back by a horse' because the bruising would be so bad, well I took arnica through labour and for a few days after and didn't feel my epidural bruise at all until about 2 weeks after birth, it niggled me for a few months but wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. The arnica will help with healing even if you don't have an epidural.

Wessie222 Thu 13-Oct-16 15:23:30

I am a father to be and my wife is being induced...
Hope this helps..
My wife saw a consultant and was diagnosed with gestation diabetes and told because of this they wouldn't let her go passed her due date so she would be induced on Monday 10th.
I told my work I'd like to start my 2weeks paternity leave from then.
Excitedly we went to hospital at 9am Monday. Baby was monitored are everything good. Step 1 they try this pessary thing that has to be left in 24hrs to expand the cervix. Thinking I want to be there and be supportive I sleep on the floor. 11am Tuesday they come take pessery out. It hasn't worked. Next step leave in 6hrs and then they will try this gel thing which is more aggressive and takes affect in 6-8hrs. I sleep over (on the floor by the bed again) 1am Wednesday morning the gel hasn't worked. Next step in 6hrs try gel again. 9hrs later Wednesday night examination and yes it's worked. Ok midwife says we will go up to labour ward when space is available late Wednesday night. Due to emergencies and keep getting pushed back it's now Thursday night and still not been up to labour ward for my wife to have waters broken. Whenever they do labour and contractions will start then it could take as long as it takes and still might end up in C section which would take us up to 11days in hospital and I will get 3days at home with wife and baby. Basically I wanted to stress to any dads to be . Don't start paternity leave until labour starts you may aswell be at work and then you'll have leave for when your needed . Being induced maybe nievely I thought go in Monday have baby tues come out Wednesday?.... no Thursday night and it doesn't feel close and I'm tired and irritable and not helping. Go home at 10pm each night and come back after work. You'll be more use. Also midwifes don't speak to you just your mrs. I feel very left out of everything that's happening. Hope this helps.

Wessie222 Thu 13-Oct-16 17:36:41

So don't go on paternity till actual labour starts and go home every night from what I've witnessed being induced takes approx 7days.

MyBreadIsEggy Thu 13-Oct-16 17:41:29

I was induced last time with pessary and drip.
Got minor contractions from the pessary, then fell asleep hmm was woken up and taken to delivery suite to start the drip. Everything cranked up a million-fold. Literally no break between contractions, but my Dd was born almost exactly 3 hours after my first "real" contraction with a few puffs of gas and air.
Induction really wasn't a bad experience for me!!

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