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35 weeks collapsed at home got tsken to a snd e

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sangfreude Mon 03-Nov-14 20:49:56

....obs all clear. Baby fine.

This is great of course.

Mw seems to think I'm making a big deal out of nothing. I collapsed, passed out, couldn't sit or stand for 20 mins, spoke to 111 who sent an ambulance, collapsed again, got taken to hospital.
I asked her if she felt I should take some time off work and she basically said well all your obs are fine and the baby is too, so what do you want to do, stay at home till the baby comes?

This is the 5th time I've collapsed like this this month.

Would others feel she was less than sympathetic or am I'm crazy hormone lady.

RevoltingPeasant Mon 03-Nov-14 20:51:59

OP that's shocking. Make an appt with your GP and get signed off for the duration if you can. Presumably you would be going in the next 2-3 weeks anyhow?

KleineDracheKokosnuss Mon 03-Nov-14 20:52:43

She sounds awfully dismissive. Collapsing 5 times in a month is not normal, even when pregnant. I'd go speak to your GP.

sangfreude Mon 03-Nov-14 21:08:20

Thanks both. Sorry that should have been clearer but I'm currently signed off because of these collapses but I have my back to work docs appointment but still waiting to be discharged. Was asking her what she thought I should do.
Found her attitude just really dismissive. Made me feel terrible.

sangfreude Mon 03-Nov-14 21:09:50

*back to work docs appointment tomorrow morning first thing

divingoffthebalcony Mon 03-Nov-14 21:12:36

I started maternity leave at 35 weeks and DID sit at home until the baby arrived. What's wrong with that? I had severe SPD and could barely walk. You sound very poorly. What's stopping you from starting your maternity leave now?

UML Mon 03-Nov-14 21:24:22

Your midwife has issues! Wow

You need to look after yourself so you can look after your growing baby

Don't ask for her opinion - you should be more confident and assertive in looking out for yourself... She reminds me of types of women of an older generation who had it hard and are just bitter.. Of course she may have other issues...!

Take care of yourself - why should you feel guilty!

sangfreude Mon 03-Nov-14 23:03:54

Uml that's what I thought. She is just like one of those types. Would I be being really silly in asking for a change of mw? I had a horrific experience today with the ambulance people as well- totally without any care, really abrasive and rude, didn't even help me up even after I collapsed again in front of them. I'm depressed about it!
Think I will go on mat leave now tbh. Wanted to try and go back to finish up.

kusmile Mon 03-Nov-14 23:22:26

That's shocking, you should absolutely ask for a change of MW. It's not normal to be collapsing, and even if there are no underlying medical issues what if you collapse at work or on the way there and hurt yourself and your baby? You should be safely installed on your sofa for the next few weeks. Your MW sounds like an insensitive cow.

Being taken to A&E must have been very distressing. Hope you feel better now.

sangfreude Tue 04-Nov-14 00:25:31

Thanks kus. I think she is too! It was a shit end to a really horrible experience. I would love to ask to change- I worry I would offend people and then get even worse care, isn't that awful. Trying to go to sleep now but totally jangled by it. Sorry bit tearful, scared it will happen again. Thanks for support x

Bugsylugs Tue 04-Nov-14 00:32:07

Did they do your BP whilst lying then standing?, are you anaemic ? Do you have any wee symptoms.
I would take things easy. Do you get any warning if not you should not be driving.

Good luck with the last few weeks

tomanyanimals Tue 04-Nov-14 07:31:40

I have had a problem where I can collapse upto 10 times a day it's down to a number of things but the root is down to stupidly low bp. My me and doctor both recommended I was signed off work completly till baby is here.
You need to be more forceful with your me and say u think she is being very dismissive if u don't feel safe to drive or be in work u can start maternity now why not?

KleineDracheKokosnuss Tue 04-Nov-14 10:37:19

OK. In that case I recommend (1) contacting the supervisor of midwives and saying you want a different midwife as yours is unsupportive and you don't think the relationship is working; (2) complain about your treatment by the ambulance crew - they should have been a lot more helpful and understanding, and (3) check with your doctor about the possible causes of the collapsing - because if you go off sick until maternity starts for a pregnancy-related reason I think your workplace can immediately say you are 'on maternity' and pay you accordingly, but if it is not pregnancy related, they can't.

sangfreude Tue 04-Nov-14 16:13:47

Thanks so much for all input I really appreciate it. They did take bp standing and lying down- no anemia. Collapses seem random and unpredictable but not as chronic as poor tomanyanimals. I will do as you suggest Klein e. It was awful and I feel I do need to complain.

babykonitsway Tue 04-Nov-14 16:19:52

bet she's one of the midwives who bleat "pregnancy is natural" and "its just a symptom"

Pregnancy is hard. Really hard. I have never in my life felt so unwell.

Stay signed off and take care of yourself. If there is no reason for collapsing, I would be asking for an ECG. I got one when I complained of constant dizziness.

Feel better.

RevoltingPeasant Tue 04-Nov-14 16:27:35

OP I am not sure about this but I think work can only make you start your mat leave early from a certain point during the pg. ie if you went off sick with pg complications at 20w they could not start your mat leave early but if it was 37w, they could.

I don't know what the cut off is but find out from HR ASAP. As you might be able still to have a week or two at full pay. I have a feeling it's 36w but not sure.

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