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31 weeks... Growth Scan

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ralv Mon 03-Nov-14 13:55:45

Hi All,

I've just had my 31 week midwife appointment and she was concerned as my measurement was below the 10th centile line.
She said it may be because a different midwife did my last measurement but I can't help being worried sick.
I'm just wondering how common this is and how many mumsnetters have had the same experience and an extra growth scan?
Thanks ladies xx

blackwidow74 Mon 03-Nov-14 14:01:27

It can be a case that different midwives interpret differently especially if baby is laying in a different position to last time. The scan will put your mind at rest I'm sure ... I had growth scans after 32 weeks when they said my dd had low waters ... carried her to term and flooded the bathroom when the waters broke ... she was hiding a huge pocket of them lol ... try not to stress ... its just a precaution x

ralv Mon 03-Nov-14 16:47:51

Thanks blackwidow74... I literally think half a centimetre would have put him in the normal range. Scan booked for tomorrow and will try not to stress smile

Bumpngrind85 Tue 04-Nov-14 11:04:39

Hi There. I posted a thread on this just over a week ago. I went for fundal height measurement at 28 weeks and midwife said bump was a little on small side and sent me for growth scan. The scan showed the same that baby was measuring a little small. I went into a complete panic and was told i'd be consultant led care for the rest of my pregnancy. I now go to the hospital twice a week for scans and tests. I have since come to terms with the fact I may well just be having a small baby - which happens. Im sure i wont be complaining about this when it comes to the birth. People have to fall below the line for there to be a line if you catch my drift. Also, other mumsnetters pointed out that the measurement aren't a true science as they are done through liquid. Baby position also has a part to play. As long as you are feeling baby move regualry and your placenta is doing OK then really tr/y not to worry (easier said than done). Do you have any other tests lined up

minilass81 Wed 05-Nov-14 17:04:33

Hi, I’m going through the exact same thing. I’m currently 28+4 and my small baby was picked up last week after I reported what I felt was lack of noticeable movements through the day. I’m a super paranoid STM (I thought I’d be relaxed second time round!!) with already having one SGA baby, a diddy little boy at term just shy of 6lbs on the 4th percentile (who is 3 now and perfect J). I am already under consultant led care following my history there so was already expecting 4 weekly growth scans from 28 weeks. So when I rang the hospital a couple of times with my concerns around movement (different NHS trust this time) they decided to bring me in and hook me up for monitoring (CTG). Two midwives disagreed on the outcome of that but a doctor said it was all was fine for its gestational age but that I should have my scan brought forward to confirm everything was ok, this was on Friday. They discovered this baby is just a little below the 10th percentile, so I too now have to go in hospital for twice weekly CTGs, weekly dopplers and growth scans every 2 weeks. Of course I started panicking and balled my eyes out to a midwife that evening - the intervention and checking this time is way beyond anything I had in the other hospital. With my little boy I had one growth scan following fundal heights measuring 4cm behind and was just told he was a small baby and that was that. He was delivered perfectly normally, so I too am just coming to terms with the fact that I just produce small babies and actually I am lucky to have such close observation of my little person in case anything were to be wrong.
Hope it goes ok for you. Would be good to hear how you get on ️xx

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