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Bleeding at 26 weeks .

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rubyboo2 Mon 03-Nov-14 04:03:22

Well its the early hours and ive been to the loo for a wee and saw bright red blood on the tissue when i wiped several times . we havent had sex in over a week so its not that . Anyone out there want to reassure me ?
Were ringing hospital in a couple of hours as I dont want to drag my kids out of bed at 4 am .
Ive no stomach pain but boobs have just started leaking alot ? Ive not felt ds move yet so having a drink and something to eat .... feeling scared sad

Bellyrub1980 Mon 03-Nov-14 05:30:36

I had a few episodes of bleeding like this throughout my pregnancy.

Is the blood just on the tissue when you wipe? Or is it enough to need a pad? If a pad, are you soaking it?

Do you have any pain?

Mine just occurred on wiping. Each time they reassured me that it was probably nothing to worry about but arranged for me to go in for a check anyway and everything was fine. They said bleeding in pregnancy is very common and usually nothing to worry about but to always act on it anyway.

They pretty much let me choose the time I went down by the way, it's unlikely they'll say you have to go right now (unless you're losing a lot of blood). So I would be inclined to phone them now and arrange an appointment for later when the kids are sorted (if you and the midwife both agree it's necessary) and it will give you an opportunity to put into action any suggestions they may have in the mean time.

rubyboo2 Mon 03-Nov-14 06:29:05

Hi Bellyrub , thanks for your reply I feel more assured .

Its just when i wipe dont need enough for a pad. He has moved about but not as much as usual he maybe tired like me . I did have some spotting but at 7 wks and nothing like this .

Ive got an uncomfy feeling /twinges inside cervix i think.

I am not even sure which number to ring . I will try the Maternity assesment unit .

Hopefully just a blip .


Bellyrub1980 Mon 03-Nov-14 08:27:25

I'm sure whichever ward you ring they will put you through to right one.

I have had an easy pregnancy to be honest but it has still been the most worry-filled time of my life!!!

I guess that doesn't ever really change once the baby is born! (you'll know about that better than I will!!)

SomeSunnySunday Mon 03-Nov-14 10:37:09

Hope all is ok. I had similar bleeds at similar times with DC2 and this pregnancy (DC3) - with both of them I'd bled early on, but it had mainly stopped by about 14 weeks, then I had isolated light but bright red bleeds at 26/27 weeks (not after sex). On both occasions the labour ward asked me to come in, did a trace, swab and internal exam. No reason was found for either bleed - DC2 was born at full term, and I'm now 33 weeks with DC3. I did get given a spiel about a small bleed sometimes being a precursor to a larger bleed, and the biggest risk of this being within 24 hours of the small bleed (so take it easy and no wandering around rural areas on your own for a day or so!) but in my case I didn't have any further bleeding. Hope you're doing ok.

rubyboo2 Mon 03-Nov-14 14:24:25

Hi guys thank you for your support . Ive never experienced anything like this in my previous pregnancies .
I went into the Maternity Unit and they were great . Did my bp which was raised but no suprise really considering the circumstances . Completed all my observations which were fine .
Checked baby he was fine .
Had an internal and some swabs taken . They found an Cervical Ectoprian . Which is the reason for my bleeding , I can bleed again but it isnt anything serious . I am very relieved !

Jodie1982 Mon 03-Nov-14 15:07:47

Glad your okay RubyBoo. Must've been scary. Pregnancy is such hardwork at times.

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