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Louiisee1994 Sun 02-Nov-14 18:13:45

Hello everybody,

Hope I'm in the right place. Was just looking for some non-judgemental advice. I'm 20 and in my second year at university, partner is 23, works full time and we both live at my mums house. 1 spare bedroom but it is very small. In March I had a surgical termination at 13 and a half weeks after a lot of pressure from my dad. Mother took completely opposite approach and was devastated to learn that I wouldnt be going ahead with it. I knew immediately afterwards that I'd made the biggest mistake of my life but presumed this could be grief talking, 7 months on after finding out from my university that financial support is better than I originally thought I really feel like I'd love to have a baby. Am I being unreasonable/unrealistic?

Thanks smile

Jaffakake Sun 02-Nov-14 21:39:32

Think it's lovely that you've decided a baby is something you want in your life, but having done the uni thing and also having had one kid (many years afterwards) I'd urge you to put it off till after graduation.

Uni was ace, I had a great time & met my husband there. I'm grateful we had the time & the freedom to have a laugh.

My main reason to suggest you wait is that you have one shot at final year really. I find pregnancy way easier than most women I know, but first time round I was knackered, especially in the early months. I simply can't imagine having done that, my exams & still ended up with the 2:1 I'm so proud of.

Being an old fart at 36 now I'd say you've got plenty of time. There's no harm in knowing you want to do something but waiting till the time is right.

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