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panicing a lot

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Mummywithlove Sat 01-Nov-14 23:47:37

im 34 weeks preg and 4/5 weeks ago i saw midwife and she said i had a low amount of protien in my urine and that there was nothing to worry about as it could just be abit of discharge in my urine. 2 weeks ago i had a phone call from midwifes saying my blood droplets were low but only slightly and wants my bloods to be taken, so i go to see the midwife and she checked my urine again and said the protien was still there and the midwife has booked me in for my bloods to be take at hospital which is 20 miles away and i dont drive and have 2 babys, and well i didnt go for my bloods to be taken and now im crapping it cuz ive just read that having low droplets and protien can mean i may have preeclampsia, i scared that i may of left it too long, what should i do and could it not be preeclampsia!? any advise blush confused thanks many thanks xx

Mummywithlove Sat 01-Nov-14 23:49:25

and my blood pressure was normal x

MrsWildermac Sat 01-Nov-14 23:54:03

Are you feeling well in yourself? Have you looked up the symptoms of pre-eclampsia? It can be normal to have a trace of protein in your urine and it is also normal to be anaemic when pregnant too. Can you ask for your bloods to be taken at your local surgery instead? If you get a headache, start getting visual disturbances or are worried in any way about your babies movement etc, then go straight to hospital.

IKYTWTLYA Sat 01-Nov-14 23:55:19

I think you better ring your midwife for advice! Preferably tomorrow, but I know mine always had someone on hand to settle your anxiety whatever time of day.

Someone more knowledgeable will be here in a mo too.

Mummywithlove Sun 02-Nov-14 00:06:54

thanks for the replies,, regarding the question' do i feel well in myself' i have a horrible cold and chesty cough! but apart from that yes i feel fine lol',
i will ring midwifes up asap as im crapping it, they never mentioned i could have preeclampsia, could i just be. panicing for niothing? baby is moving alot and kicking alot. but tonight for some reason he's kicking the living crap out of me alot lot more than normal and i get uncomftable feelings down into my privates grin xx

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