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Clothes for longer babies - what size?

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Pico2 Sat 01-Nov-14 17:32:52

DD was too long for newborn clothes when she arrived at 42 weeks. We're having DC2 who will be born at 38-39 weeks. I'm not sure whether to expect a significantly shorter baby and get newborn sizes or to assume the same again. I didn't find the weight guidelines on clothes very useful as DD was 7lb5 which meant she should have fitted newborn clothes easily.

Also, we borrowed everything last time and won't be able to do the same this time. So what basics should we get?

Any ideas? Thanks!

addictedtosugar Sat 01-Nov-14 19:52:29

The weights mean nothing!
7lb3 DS1 had to go straight into 0-3.
8lb3 DS2 was in newborn for a couple of weeks.....

I'd get a couple of Newborn packs, but keep the receipt. If you only open one packet, the rest can go back!

You will need 0-3 at some point, so can get slightly more of those sizes.

We had summer babies, but you can always cut the feet of babygrows, and put socks on if it is the legs and not the body which are problematic.

Discopanda Sun 02-Nov-14 09:57:49

Some brands come up slightly different sizes, in my experience (DD was very long when she was born and 9lbs 4 but not particularly chunky), I found Boots and M&S tended to come up small BUT Boots do great 2 for 3 offers so maybe get both sizes. I'm not getting anything newborn size this time around. Mothercare do great starter packs and Primark are nice and cheap, but I'd recommend washing them before using them. As a rough rule of thumb, you'll need 8-10 sleepsuits and the same amount of vests, a couple of pairs of scratch mitts, a dribble bib (you can always get more if you have a very dribbly baby), socks&booties depend on when they're due and a couple of outfits and then coat, blanket, hat, etc depends on when they're due. And if you have a baby shower, people give you loads of stuff {grin}

Discopanda Sun 02-Nov-14 09:58:17

Dammit, my grinning face didn't work!

WhyOWhyWouldYou Sun 02-Nov-14 10:06:53

I would get 1 small pack of newborn sleepsuits and 1 of vests, then everything else in 0-3. If DC does fit newborn you can send DH to the shops for more newborn and if not you should be able to return them.

babyblabber Sun 02-Nov-14 12:53:20

DS was 11lbs and 2ft long when born at 42 weeks. he was straight into 0-3 months and was in 3-6 months by 6 weeks.

DD was 9lbs and can't remember exact length, tall but slightly shorter than DS, born at 39 weeks. again I skipped newborn, had a couple of "new baby" babygros from next which are up to 10lbs but again used mostly 0-3 months. they were a bit big at first with sleeves having to be rolled up but she was fine within a week or two.

this time around i'm not buying any thing new so it'll be 0-3 months!

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