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Nub theory with gender

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m33r Sat 01-Nov-14 16:37:12

Hi everyone. For nub theorists who are interested (I couldn't make head nor tail of it) here is my 12 week scan. We have confirmed its a boy!!! Also, Chinese calendar prediction wrong for me.

Just thought I'd post since I was obsessed with this kind of thing when waiting to find out.

bellaboo88 Sun 02-Nov-14 09:05:12

Congratulations! I can't work out the nub bit but he does have a very boyish scull anyway!

I'm dying to know what ours is, 16w (or18) to go x

m33r Sun 02-Nov-14 17:07:21

Funnily bella for all I didn't really get skull or nub theory, I did think that skull looks 'sharp'.

Good luck!

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