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Am I just getting fat, or is this pregnancy bloating?

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DonnaLlyn Sat 01-Nov-14 14:54:49

At week 8 of my first pregnancy, I have a noticeable belly pooch which can mostly be sucked in (which I hear means it is not baby bump). I assumed this was just because my stomach muscles are relaxed because of the pregnancy, and because of pregnancy bloating. Except supposedly that only happens at week 11.

Am I just gaining a bit too much fat? I'll admit I've not been eating as healthily as I should, but I have a slim body type, and though as I have gotten older I have more curves and so no longer look like a twig, I don't usually get chubby at all, and any extra body fat I have gained has taken months to show, and I have had to be really unhealthy even at that.

There's a chance I may have twins (as I was one myself), I don't know if this could cause bloating/bump at 8 weeks?

I just need to know, am I fat or is this normal?

OhMjh Sat 01-Nov-14 15:19:07

Completely normal. I had a definite bump at 7 weeks which eventually slowed down and I'm actually relatively small for 38 weeks.

blankfornames Sat 01-Nov-14 17:06:03

Don't worry! i had the same shape at 9 weeks that i had at 16 wks (though disappeared for a while imbetween). It's just bloating! Though v exciting if it was twins!

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