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When did your nausea and tiredness improve?

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ThisBitchIsResting Sat 01-Nov-14 14:34:12

I have been sleeping 10 hours at night and napping for two hours in the day and no energy to do anything at all. Eating is awful, carbs sweet or salty to stave off the sickness and diahorea as well. Throwing up a couple of times a day.

Anyway I've felt awful since about 6 weeks, I'm now 9 weeks and feel like I might have turned a bit of a corner - I'm still nauseous but I feel happier and am not so exhausted. Is this the beginning of the end of horrendous early pregnancy stuff? With my first pregnancy I was sick right up to the end, took cyclizine for it up to about 25 weeks.

Would be interested to hear different experiences, ideally from people who felt totally healthy from 10 weeks onwards after feeling horrendous prior to that!

VintageCherry26 Sat 01-Nov-14 14:38:43

I'm going through exactly the same, I'm just over 7 weeks now and would like to know an answer too!! DP and I are getting married when I'll be about 12 weeks so I need reassurance that it could get better before then!

scratchandsniff Sat 01-Nov-14 14:40:49

Around the 16 week mark the first time and again this time too. You'll suddenly feel like a different person.

SarahWH23 Sat 01-Nov-14 14:44:21

Around 22 weeks each time. Sorry. Don't assume it will go away by 12 weeks - I know that's what the conventional advice is, but I totally relied on that in my first pregnancy and was devastated as I continued to be unwell way beyond that point. I would have been better off if I had been prepared for how long it might go on.
Only advice is to go to the GP and get some antiemetics. Cyclizine is the best first line choice with an excellent safety profile. I have taken this throughout two pregnancies.

SarahWH23 Sat 01-Nov-14 14:45:17

PS I also found taking 200mgs of vitamin B6 a day made a significant difference.

ThisBitchIsResting Sat 01-Nov-14 14:46:23

The placenta apparently takes over from around ten weeks which is why a lot of people's symptoms improve after that - it didn't work like that for me first time round so hoping it will this time!

DonnaLlyn Sat 01-Nov-14 14:59:59

I started feeling nauseous and tired at 6 weeks, and it stopped halfway through week seven, only to make appearances every few days up until now (week 8) and I hope it stops soon. Perhaps mine is not so bad as I am not throwing up, and I find peppermint tea is actually helping with the nausea, although it took a while for me to be able to put up with the taste. The worst thing for me is the tiredness which is just insane. I go to bed at 9pm and can sleep as if normal until THREE PM if I don't force myself out of bed, and even then i have a tendency to nap on the sofa. I get almost nothing done for work and around the house and feel so bad for being lazy, but I just want to close my eyes and sleep until I feel better, but it never seems to go away for long.

JennyBlueWren Sat 01-Nov-14 15:00:30

It lifted around 12 weeks for me but have also got indigestion and heartburn badly from around 16 weeks and I get very emotional about things too. Also getting to a point where I feel I can do stuff but the bump gets in the way.

VintageCherry26 Sat 01-Nov-14 15:06:12

Donna, can definitely empathise with the tiredness. I've been absolutely useless for over a week now, I literally can't function! The only reason I wake up in the morning is because of needing to pee!! I'd happily go into hibernation to wait for this nausea and exhaustion to blow over if I could!

Lizzy86 Sat 01-Nov-14 15:18:10

Im 14 weeks and found that my symptons were a little better at 13 weeks (So not so long ago) i felt exhausted, nausea and horrible acid reflux everytime i ate. Now i can manage a meal without feeling like my stomach wants to get rid of it, my tirdness comes and goes but still its better than it was where i wanted to sleep all day and night. Gaviscon was my life line (still is) i dont know what id have done without it. I feel fine in the mornings throughout my pregnancy but come 3pm onwards, the nausea was back. I feel for you, i really do.

mrshjb Sat 01-Nov-14 15:57:56

I felt awful until pretty much bang on 14 weeks. I had been a sobbing mess on the evening of 13+6 and then just woke up the next morning with some will to live again! I have struggled to sleep all the way through (currently 27+3) but so far nothing has been as bad as the first trimester! Good luck smile

thesmallbear Sat 01-Nov-14 16:37:25

Hello, I am only 4 + 4 and am already exhausted. I get a full eight hours sleep and then back to bed in the afternoon. I feel like I've been floored by flu (but without the cold bit). Is it normal to be this knackered, this early?

DanyStormborn Sat 01-Nov-14 16:42:50

Improved a lot at 12 weeks, gone by 15 weeks.

ThisBitchIsResting Sat 01-Nov-14 16:45:11

Thanks all. It seems to vary so much.

So much for having turned a corner - I felt a bit nauseous so went to bed for a nap, woke up and just did a huge vom sad worst yet. Can't think of anything except maybe wine gums and lemonade that I could stomach.


ApocalypseThen Sat 01-Nov-14 16:55:02

I'm 9 weeks tomorrow, and I've definitely had a full month of feeling fairly wretched at this point. I can barely drag myself around most days and my inertia is driving me mad. Along with the picky eating. I can't bear most foods at all. My nausea isn't so bad - I've never vomited but I do get a bit of retching - but it's the relentlessness of the sick feeling and tiredness that's really hard to handle. I feel like the day after a bout of food poisoning all the time, weak, febrile, unable to eat but hungry, just drained.

foxyfemke Sat 01-Nov-14 17:09:38

My nausea lifted around 11/12 weeks, but my tiredness only seems to be lifting now, at 16 weeks. Not sure if it's actually getting better or if I'm just having a couple of good days...

iwasabrooker Sat 01-Nov-14 17:51:28

This is my third pregnancy and I can't remember. I'm only about 7 weeks and I feel awful.

Constant nausea and just no energy. Had my two year old peeling my eyelids open today, after DH told him I was having a rest "don't rest mummy, Get up and talk a me".

I feel like eating might make me less nauseous, then feel crap again after eating.

Lying still with my eyes closed seemed to help, but not much chance of that apparently !

UmmAbdillah Sat 01-Nov-14 17:54:47

Aww feel for you all. My nausea settled around 13 weeks

LIG1979 Sat 01-Nov-14 19:18:29

with dd - started feeling better around 9/10 weeks felt fine by 12 weeks. This pregnancy (ds) again started feeling better by 9/10 weeks but it only improved slowly so now at 16 weeks I only feel ill just before bed.

LynetteScavo Sat 01-Nov-14 19:21:12

On my third pregnancy I realised cutting our sugar really, really helped.

ThisBitchIsResting Sat 01-Nov-14 20:55:46

Lynette - I'm sure you must be right, I'm a big fan of low carb, high protein eating normally.

But today the only thing that has stayed down is an entire big bag of wine gums grin I feel shite though. I'm sure if I could manage a big steak and a heap of green veg I'd feel better tomorrow. I am going to attempt some toast shortly.

Naomip88 Sat 01-Nov-14 22:35:39

my nausea eased off at about 13/14 weeks but I had a particularly busy month with work at around 20 weeks and the tiredness brought the nausea and sickness back. So remember to get lots of rest and look after yourself even as you enter the second trimester, hope it goes soon!

Burmama Sun 02-Nov-14 03:21:00

I started to feel loads better after ten weeks, had been really tired and with morning nausea before that. By 12 weeks felt up for swimming, walks, light exercise, etc. Hope you're turning the corner too!

PassTheCremeEggs Sun 02-Nov-14 08:48:06

Constantly 24/7 nauseous until 22-23 weeks with both children. Occasionally sick after about 16 weeks. Like a PP said, try not to focus on the magical 12-14 week mark as a point you think it'll definitely go away because it's doubly awful when it stays and stays. I'd resigned myself to being sick for whole pregnancy and couldn't believe it when I woke up one morning and it had just disappeared.

Justyouwaitandsee Sun 02-Nov-14 08:52:46

I was really sick from wks 5-10. Wks 10-13 the sickness was less constant but reappeared a few times, especially when I overdid things. Now in wk 14, it seems the sickness has finally passed but I still feel shattered by 2-3pm.

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