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Quickening has stopped

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lozzy1982 Sat 01-Nov-14 12:51:52

Hi ladies, so im 17 weeks 4 days pregnang with my first, and about 10 days ago i started to feel those little bubbles and flutters everyone talks about. I started to get used to them, especially on the evening, however last couple of nights nothing! Is this something to be worried about? Im on extra high alert due to mmc in feb x

Dumbledoresgirl Sat 01-Nov-14 12:57:11

I can't tell you for certain that nothing is wrong, but it is normal at 17 weeks (and for a few weeks more) to only feel the baby occasionally. Feeling the baby every day doesn't become important until about 28 weeks I think? At least, when I had my first 18 years ago, I had a kick chart to fill in and that did not start until 28 weeks.

Your baby is so tiny still that, if s/he is facing backwards, for example (and there is plenty of room for the baby to face in any direction at this stage) then you won't feel the movements.

All that said, if you are worried about anything, contact your GP or midwife or hospital. They are used to putting mother's minds at rest, and they can easily check for a heartbeat at this stage.

mausmaus Sat 01-Nov-14 12:57:37

at you stage it could just be the positioning. baby is really tiny and many pregnant women do not yet feel anything yet. in fact the 'flutterings' could have been wind.
but for peace of mind I woud call the midwife for advice.

skyra13 Sat 01-Nov-14 13:33:29

I am currently 17 weeks 6 days also with my first, if you have felt something you are lucky to at this stage.
I am a bigger lady and have been told i will prob feel mine later due to extra padding, but most feel it around 20 weeks they say for 1st pregnancy, i think it is still early and does depend on how your baby is sitting as it is still tiny at the moment.
Try not to worry ring midwife if you are concerned.
I'm not even worried I haven'g felt much yet.

ladyflower23 Sun 02-Nov-14 08:40:20

This is my second and I have been feeling it move since 13 weeks. Some days I feel it all day other days not at all (am 19 weeks now). Like other pp said when baby is facing towards your back you won't feel it and a lot of movements you won't feel anyway as baby so small. You can't help but worry though. I can't remeber last time when I felt baby move everyday without fail but I seem to remember something about it should be more consistent by 28 weeks.

chloechloe Sun 02-Nov-14 18:35:31

16 weeks is really early to have felt the first movements. I am 20w tomorrow and started to feel the odd movement at 19w, but then would go several days without feeling anything at all.

This weekend it has become more frequent, but I also seem to have popped overnight, so I wonder if the baby has had a growth spurt and is suddenly stronger!

I think at this stage you really shouldn't be worried, but maybe call the mw for some reassurance? I've read that they only expect consistent movement at 28w. The baby is really tiny at 17w still and not kicking very strongly.

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