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UTI and 26 weeks

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donkir Sat 01-Nov-14 08:44:34

Just want others input really as I've never had a UTI before. I even phoned maternity unit last night as pain was so bad. She told me it was quite normal and should settle once antibiotics kick in.
What are your experiences?

Girl18 Sun 02-Nov-14 21:39:45

Hi donkir. I ended up going into hospital on sat as I had such bad pains in my stomach and I didn't know what it was. They think it is a urine infection. The pain started on Friday but on Saturday morning the pain so bad in my stomach it hurt when I breathed in and out and I panicked and called the hospital. They've prescribed antibiotics and paracetamol. The pain hasn't been too bad now so hopefully the antibiotics kick in. Hopefully yours will kick in soon too.

donkir Mon 03-Nov-14 07:28:13

Thanks girl, I also ended up in hospital sat night due to pain unfortunately they found my cervix has shortened and I'm at risk of labour (nothing to do with infection so please don't worry) just lucky dp made me go to hospital.
Hope you feel better soon. My antibiotics have def helped clear the pain.

Girl18 Mon 03-Nov-14 12:33:41

Oh crikey. Hope you are ok? Is there anything they can do to stop it? Fingerscrossed for you.

donkir Mon 03-Nov-14 14:59:32

Unfortunately not no. But had steroid injections to strengthen babies lungs so just got to keep everything crossed he hangs on in there.

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