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HCG LEVEL - advice please

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Lovemylittlebear Fri 31-Oct-14 20:56:11

Hi all

I had my hcg done today as have been having cramps on right hand side (last pregnancy was ectopic). My hcg came back at 135 which nurse said was quite low. I'm 14days post ovulation or 4 weeks 2 days from last period. I'm back in 48 hours to check if it doubles but until then I am going to be so anxious. Does anyone have any advice or experience of this? Thanks in advance

SilverStars Fri 31-Oct-14 21:22:46

I can only say that mine was 138 - did not get retest despite asking - and am now 11weeks pregnant. I am unsure of days past ovulation but was day 29 of cycle.

Lovemylittlebear Fri 31-Oct-14 21:31:53

Thank you for replying smile that's made me feel a bit more hopeful! My partner rang up to clarify with them as I was upset after the phone call when told it was a bit low. The woman was snappy with him on the phone and said I was only days pregnant and then ended the phone call with him. So I've been in a panic. Thanks again xx

Newlywed56 Sat 01-Nov-14 09:41:05

I too had a suspected ectopic at 5-6 weeks (feinted and pain in one side of abdomen) my hcg levels were classified as high and they were concerned as they couldn't see anything at the epu. Went back 48 hours later for the second blood test, phone went on the 3rd day to say they weren't processed as the details were filled out incorrectly by the nurse! So back for another scan and then thankfully they found the heartbeat and put the pain down to stretching (feinting lasted on and off for another 6weeks confused)
ANYWAY long story short the consultant told me there is no normal hcg level as the range is so vast and they can only measure it by the 48 hour test , I hope this brings you some comfort for the wait thanks

Bugsylugs Sat 01-Nov-14 09:45:35

Bear that is in the normal range. Sorry you had a miserable member of staff. You are looking for HCG level over25 then a doubling or there abouts at 48hrs.

Lovemylittlebear Sat 01-Nov-14 10:20:23

Hi guys, thanks for getting aback to me and being so nice. Started bleeding this morning so not holding out much hope now sad x

Bugsylugs Tue 04-Nov-14 16:49:49

Only just seen it's very hard isn't it. Thinking of you

Lovemylittlebear Tue 04-Nov-14 20:27:25

Hi Guys

We miscarried again sad They are not sure if it is normal MC or tubal again sadwith it being an early pregnancy. I'm so worried it won't happen for us now. thanks for being kind x

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