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Am I pregnant?

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alltalknobaby Fri 31-Oct-14 15:13:07

I know the answer to this can only be found on an actual test, but I did one a few days ago and it was negative; however I've been having symptoms. I've been on the pill (Loestrin 30) for over 10 years, mainly for heavy, painful periods, but since April I've been in a relationship and having regular sex. In over 10 years I've never missed a period/withdrawal bleed on the pill, but this time it never came. That was just over a week ago, and I've been taking my pill again for the past 6 days.

I've noticed in the last week that my boobs are bigger; I've been a bit of an emotional wreck; I've had the odd bout of nausea and horrible bloating/burping but nothing much; I am getting up to pee every night without fail.

Am I reading too much into these symptoms? I feel like I'm going mad. I was going to wait another week before doing another test, but the last day of my last 'period' (withdrawal bleed) was 25th Sept, which would make me 5 weeks gone - so surely it would be positive now? Also if I were pregnant I'm worried I'd be harming a baby by taking the pill...

You'd never guess from this that I'm 35 years old!! I feel like a silly teenager.

juneavrile Fri 31-Oct-14 16:20:57

I do think you would probably be getting a positive test, as you're heading for 6 weeks - count from 1st day of last period. Skipping a period and other unusual hormonal activity can cause pregnancy like symptoms. A urine infection can make boobs hurt and cause nausea and need to pee more often too. So maybe go to your gp if you can and they could test you for all possibilities and advise you re the pill. And don't feel silly, anyone would need a few tests to work out what's happening. Best wishes.

alltalknobaby Fri 31-Oct-14 20:14:22

Thanks for your reply! I've had quite a few urine infections so I'm pretty sure it's not that. I guess I just need to take another test in a few days but I'm so anxious and impatient, I've been looking online for when symptoms appear and when a test should work. Sorry, I meant that the FIRST day of my last period was 25th Oct. So I'd be just over 5 weeks I think.

juneavrile Fri 31-Oct-14 20:19:20

I guess if you test on Monday it'll be sooner than most GPs will give you an appointment. I recommend superdrug cheaper tests as they pick up the lowest number of pregnancy hormone. They're about £4. Digital tend to have higher thresholds, so if you used one of those, it might explain the negative.
If still negative and no period, do try and see a doc.
I hope you get to the bottom of it and it's a good answer.

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