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anonymous89 Fri 31-Oct-14 09:52:45

Hi all. I would please like some help. I bought a first response test 2 weeks ago and got a bfp. I was very happy, went to the docs they did a test and they got negative! They sent me for a blood test negative! This was 3 days after the bfp test. I'm due to do another blood test on Monday. By this day I will 2 weeks and 3 days late! I've just done another test (Poundshop test) 2 weeks after the first response bfp and it is negative!! I've had no bleeding or spotting. Was this a false Positive?

TheHermitCrab Fri 31-Oct-14 09:57:50

Not necessarily a "false positive"

Most miscarriages happen without us even noticing i.e. a particularly late or heavy period... taking these early tests means your more likely to get a positive, that you may never have known about otherwise

Or maybe your hormone levels are just up and down... keep trying smile xx

TheHermitCrab Fri 31-Oct-14 10:03:14

When I was trying I probably had about 2 late periods, sore breasts...etc that probably would have turned up a positive test if I'd have taken an "early indicator" test... But I waited until I had a full 4 weeks missed until I took a test (I think it was my 3rd late period I'd had)

anonymous89 Fri 31-Oct-14 10:03:28

Thank you. I don't know if I should think I am pregnant or not. The good thing is my Dr said if the next blood test is negative they will send me for a scan but I feel like I'm I'm limbo until that day arrives

anonymous89 Fri 31-Oct-14 10:07:45

There's a huge story behind all this. It's not the first positive I've had but I've had just as many negatives as positives. I had the implant in when I got my first bfp. A week later when it was removed I got another. Any tests that detect under 20ml/u are positive. Over and it's negative. This has been going on for weeks. I've had about 6 positive tests and as many negatives.

anonymous89 Fri 31-Oct-14 10:11:07

This is not my first pregnancy. If I am this will be my third after 2 successful pregnancy. Also I'll add that I had the implant in for 2 years when I got the positive test

TheHermitCrab Fri 31-Oct-14 10:14:41

Oh god sounds like a pickle of a waiting game for you! xx

anonymous89 Fri 31-Oct-14 10:30:15

With both other pregnancies I had a positive test at 2 weeks pregnant! This is just ridiculous lol. If you were in my position would you assume you were pregnant? I've got all the symptoms for it which is why I tested in the first place. Boobs are the worst! Within 2 weeks my bras don't fit. I just don't know what to think! Am I or aren't I?

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