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Large retroplacental bleed

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Tollygunge Thu 30-Oct-14 09:35:26

I am 12 weeks and have been diagnosed with the above. All I can find in google are horro stories of late miscarriage and stillbirth and v early labour. Although baby looks healthy (at this point) I am even considering a termination so as to not have to go through the horror of this. Am currently bleeding old brown blood, last big red bleed a fortnight ago. Any experience of this? Xx

Tollygunge Thu 30-Oct-14 09:39:51

Not really handling the whole thing very well. Just keep bursting into tears all the time and feeling hopeless.

TeaRex Thu 30-Oct-14 14:00:41

I've not got any experience of this I'm afraid but didn't want to read and run big hugs for you and hopefully someone will be along soon who can offer advise.
Have you been referred to a specialist? I think you need to talk to someone who's seen this before and can discuss all possible outcomes etc and give you actual facts, the internet is great but also f*cking scary with all the worst case scenario stuff you can find. All I know is that bleeding doesn't mean it's game over, I hope you've got someone in real life looking after you xxx

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