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Period? Spotting? What's going in!?

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Gemm09 Wed 29-Oct-14 23:21:26

Okay so I can off the pill in June and since then have had a pretty regular 30 day cycle, I was a few days late in October so took a test (negative) a week late took a clearblue digital also negative sad almost end of October now and I thought I was about to have a period but literally was spotting lasted about half a day wouldn't even say a tablespoons worth!! So completely baffled now! Determined to wait out taking another test as don't want to be disappointed but gonna struggle to be patient until my doctors appointment on 13th nov! Just wondering if anyone has had anything similar! New to all this site, thanks smile

Gemm09 Thu 30-Oct-14 14:12:29


ToAvoidConversation Thu 30-Oct-14 14:17:01

I had this when coming off the implant. 86 days of nothing. Further down the line it turns out my ovulation is shot and I needed Clomid. I hope your body kicks in soon!

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