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Going away without baby.

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JennyBlueWren Wed 29-Oct-14 17:59:08

My friend's getting married next October and I'm being asked whether I'm up for going away for the weekend hen do in September. My baby will be 7 months then. Would I want to leave him/her with DH for a whole weekend? She is a close friend but they are also having a local do too.

WerewolfBarMitzvah Wed 29-Oct-14 18:00:16

I dont think you'll know until baby is here.
Can you confirm closer to the time?

HelenaJustina Wed 29-Oct-14 18:01:47

May depend on how you are planning to feed... I couldn't have left any of mine at that age as they were still boob dependent.

tywysogesgymraeg Wed 29-Oct-14 18:02:16

Impossible to know how YOU will feel, but I would, and did, and enjoyed the time away just being me again.

Iggly Wed 29-Oct-14 18:05:47

Ha I made this mistake. Then had to cancel as baby wouldnt have settled. (She was my second so not pfb)

JennyBlueWren Wed 29-Oct-14 18:31:19

They're planning to book flights soon to get them at a good price. I could either say yes now and then lose out if I change my mind or try to get my own flights later and hope there's room for one more on the activities etc.

JennyBlueWren Wed 29-Oct-14 18:31:50

Planning to BF but if my DH hasn't got a job (being made redundant next month) I'll already be back to work by then.

Bondy83 Wed 29-Oct-14 19:15:07

Definitely go baby will be absolutely fine with its Dad and you'll enjoy the break. I was same I fretted for ages over leaving my son but soon as I went I knew I'd made the right decision to go. As mums we feel like no one can do as good a job as we do but I'm sure Dad will cope and seeing your baby smiling (and more importantly alive and well) when you get back will make you glad you went

CaptainSinker Sat 01-Nov-14 17:46:57

It is hard to know now. I couldn't have gone at that stage, was still breastfeeding and also just wouldn't have enjoyed myself. However I have a colleague who happily went on hen weekend when baby was 5 weeks!

If flights are very cheap I'd book now. If not wait til about 5 months. It may be anyway that someone drops out and if flights are transferable you could take their place.

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