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Talk to me about maternity bras

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Siarie Wed 29-Oct-14 12:48:00

My usual bras are feeling a little tight around the band. Do I buy a maternity bra or op for a normal bra?

I'm only 14 weeks so still have growing to do. When did you buy a new bra? And did you buy normal or maternity bras?

babyblabber Wed 29-Oct-14 13:01:11

i'm third time around and I have big boobs which get massive during pregnancy. I generally buy M&S normal bras in a bigger size (at least one back size up and 2/3 cup sizes) to get me as far as possible. I have to have underwire!

after a while when bump gets big normal underwires get uncomfortable and that's when I get maternity bras, specifically anita brand which have a soft underwire and are by far and away the best maternity bras I've found after much trial and error. in fact on this pregnancy I couldn't find anita maternity bras so just bought their nursing bras which seem exactly the same except that they also have a drop cup so you could use them for breastfeeding too (although my boobs are even bigger again for first few weeks of feeding!)

FantasticMrsFoxx Wed 29-Oct-14 20:04:36

I'm 26 weeks and am wearing Lonsdale sports bras. I've gone up a back size, and two cup size and I think I might have to do the same again soon. I bought them from Sports Direct. Two for £12 so won't break the bank.
I'm saving buying maternity bras until after baby's arrival as planning to BF but have no idea what size I'll need then.

IdaClair Wed 29-Oct-14 20:13:22

I wore normal bras with underwire all the way through, through bf too.

I do have a range of sizes in the drawer though from bad fittings over the years.

I did once try to get nursing bras - I went to m&s with my first baby. They first refused to measure me as they said I should be past 36 weeks to measure. I was overdue! Then they tried to measure me at a 38 back. When I argued they said I would need growing room. For my ribs?

So I didn't buy any of the baggy bras! I went home and fitted myself in a 32 back, then put my normal 30s back on when the baby was born!

Sorry rant there

Trinpy Wed 29-Oct-14 20:22:55

I wore normal underwired bras up until the last trimester when I switched to horrible, unflattering, unsupportive crop top style bras because I was fed up of the expense. I have ended up reusing all the bras I bought during my pregnancy now as my boobs slowly get back down to their pre-pregnancy size, so it turns out it wasn't a waste of money after all smile. If I have another baby I'm going to wear normal bras throughout my pregnancy because I hated not having the support of the underwires.

Whatever you do, make sure your bra is properly fitted (see bra intervention threads in style and beauty).

d0ttyne11 Wed 29-Oct-14 21:02:47


I've found this one of the most painful and frustrating things about being pregnant. I'm 12 weeks and for the last 6 - 8 weeks my bras felt like they are digging in to me ALL the time.... particularly round the band.

I resorted to buying normal bras in a bigger band and cup size for now as I think my chest will grow closer to the DD and it seemed a bit premature for all those fastens and clips to be honest!

I didn't get measured but went an tried on about 30 bras one Saturday afternoon. Debenhams had a surprisingly large selection of maternity bras but I didn't really feel any of them were quite right. In the end I did find that good old M&S had the best selection (including non-wired ones). I'm pretty fussy and usually prefer just a couple of makes of bras which used to fit me really nicely. However, at £14 for 2 (I think) for a couple of bras I think I'll be 'passing through' they have been OK. Not wonderful but certainly better than before.

I think next I'll explore the sports bra route but I just miss pretty underwear a bit!! I'm in London so hoping (somehow) that I'll find somewhere that actually do fittings properly as I think this is going to be a bit of a pain if I'm going to BF in due course..... Good luck. I'm off to look at the thread Trinpy mentions above.

HazleNutt Wed 29-Oct-14 21:09:24

normal bras. Soft, non-wired bras won't give enough support. You're probably uncomfortable enough, no need to add a saggy monoboob.

foxyfemke Thu 30-Oct-14 07:30:18

I am wearing Anita maternity bras. I have big boobs and am finding these provide great support. They're not cheap, but they've been very comfy and have been worth it.

kitkat321 Thu 30-Oct-14 11:33:33

Due to rib flare I've had to ditch the underwire bras. I bought some cheap primark nursing bras which were ok but the best ones Iv'e found are from Asda. Theya re sort of like sports bras but with padding you can take out - very, very comfortable and the only thing I can bear to wear now.

ReadyForDinner Thu 30-Oct-14 13:07:21

first time around I wore under wired bras till the end. Got fitted around 12 weeks and bought with a little room to spare think it was up one back size and 2 cup sizes. This time around (pg again when first is 6 months old shock ) was SO UNCOMFORTABLE mid shopping trip I went and bought a new bra , was about 20 weeks at this point so decided to get a nursing one so as to get a bit more wear out of it. John Lewis stocks the medulla nursing bra and it is the comfiest thing I have ever worn, soft but still supportive enough and im an f cup these days, mono boob is an issue but for comfort there is nothing finer, I sleep in mine!

TimefIies Thu 30-Oct-14 14:25:59

I didn't really grow until 28 weeks or so - the band around the torso was digging in. I'd gone up from 34 rib cage to 38 and got measured in M&S; my cup size hasn't really increased, maybe one size. The fitter was really helpful, and said the nursing bras that fit me at 28w wouldn't fit me when I was nursing; I should come back at 38 weeks to be measured for them. I just picked up some non-wired bras from there in twin packs (£14 for two bras). I did think they'd look frumpy, but they're fine. Once your bump sticks out further than your boobs, you just accept you're a different shape for now!

purplefeathers Thu 30-Oct-14 14:47:27

I'm with kitkat - the Asda ultra comfort bra tops are great. So comfortable.

AziziRose Thu 30-Oct-14 15:26:07

If recommend bravissimo, even if only for a proper fitting. They don't measure, just try you in various sizes and styles until you like one. I've never had such a perfectly fitting (underwired) bra, absolute heaven at 26weeks. Refused to get measured at m&s ever again after they measured 32C and wouldn't accept they were wrong when I was a 30E and couldn't even nearly squash my boobs in all the 32Cs she brought to try.

stubbornstains Thu 30-Oct-14 15:30:28

You've had loads of good advice about when and how to keep going in normal bras, so I will just advise a brand for maternity bras: Hot Milk. Very very unfrumpy, and IIRC they're all good for both the later stages of pregnancy and BFing. Very well made too. (M&S maternity bras are just depressing).

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