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I'm 31 weeks pregnant, but the midwife measured me & said that the baby is 34 weeks in size! does this mean I'm likely to give birth early?

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sallymadge Mon 02-Oct-06 14:18:57

Hi all, I'm 31 weeks pregnant (1st child), & the midwife measured me & said that the baby is 34 weeks in size, has anyone else experienced this. Does it mean that I'm likely to give birth a few weeks early? what do you think. Its going to mess with my maternity leave if its too early.

anniediv Mon 02-Oct-06 14:20:14

sallymadge, measuring is a very imprecise science. I really wouldn't worry at all.

sarahsbump Mon 02-Oct-06 16:01:45

it could just mean you are having a big baby
I wouldnt worry

mumatuks Mon 02-Oct-06 16:07:46

Hi SM,

Please take no notice of these measurments! They are a load of crap IMO!

Just last week I was told that my measurments were too big, I had to be sent for a scan (which tallied normal with what DB was meant to measure) They still sent me for a GTT test (gestational diabetes) which came back normal.

No one took in to consideration that I am nearly 6ft tall, my first baby was 8lb9oz my second was 9lb. I'm never going to have that dainty 6lb baby or a small baby bump!!

Please don't worry, I seriously doubt you'll give birth earlier (if you do, let us know and I'll eat my words!) I'm due with DB3 in 10 weeks, so 1 week after you maybe?

If you are still worried, ring your MW and ask her, she's there to reassure you, not scare you!

Twiglett Mon 02-Oct-06 16:11:46

if baby is at the front when they measure it will measure seemingly big

no it won't be early

prettymum Mon 02-Oct-06 16:14:44

they always make a fuss over nothing!! when preg with ds, one midwife measured me at 37 weeks and said that it measured upto 31 weeks and gave a lecture about eating properly!!

two weeks later i was told that it was fine and the day before i had ds another midwife wanted me scanned because she thought my bump was too small but i told her i didnt one. ds came out weighing 6 lb 10oz!! i carried dd small aswell so knew nothing was wrong!

luckyone Sat 25-Aug-07 14:54:30

hello all, im 31 weeks pregnant and i have two boys age 10 and 13 i keep having stitch like feelings in my belly is this normal as its been a long time since i was last pregnant please helpsad

rantinghousewife Sat 25-Aug-07 15:01:11

Luckyone, I have a 9 year age gap between my two and I had stitch like pains for the first few months, midwife said it is where the womb has contracted before it leaves scar tissue, so when it stretches again it will pull. Hope that makes sense. Ask the mw if you're worried but it sounds the same.

emj23 Sat 25-Aug-07 18:45:34

Hi sallymadge, I'm 35 weeks tomorrow and measuring 38, I have to go and be tested for high glucose and polyhydramnios next week. I've also been told that it could just be because I'm quite short, carrying high and the baby has not moved down into my pelvis at all yet. I posted on here in a panic and got the same kind of responses as you've got - lots of people saying that the measurements are very imprecise and that everything usually turns out to be absolutely fine. smile

Carageto Wed 30-Jul-08 11:56:35

My ist born was small and they had us terrified sending us for hear scans and lots of test he was born weighing 5ld 13oz and now at 16monhts wegihts 10.4 kg so is just a small boy they do worry you unessary these days will all the new technology

Spillage21 Wed 30-Jul-08 12:24:13

Yes Mamastuk, but what if the MWs had done nothing and you did have GD, or polyhydramnios?

The fact is we are aware these measurements are subjective and most times our concerns are unfounded, but we have a duty to follow it up. Blithely saying 'Oh it's because you're tall' wouldn't stand up in court if it had gone tits up. Welcome to modern medicine...

As to OP, as above these measurements are subjective and are expected to have 2cm 'give' either way. It just means baby may be bigger than average, and big babies do not necessarily entail early labours.

Spillage21 Wed 30-Jul-08 12:28:55

Sorry, spelt your name wrong Mumatuks...

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